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  1. I'm sorry, i haven't had the time to update, ill pm it to you and you can spread it around anyone who wants to update it
  2. is heartarrow the dad? Or is Moonstar also the father of these kits? They all look very similar
  3. I will update the allegiances tomorrow! (or maybe today if i have time we'll see) all the kits are adorable
  4. Um it would be really funny if Carpet was a med cat because she would fail miserably Im so behind I'll update the allegiances either tomorrow or later today.
  5. Also if anyone wants me to add any dead cats as ancestors tell me (no descriptions or pictures, only names)
  6. Also, last thing, is it okay that sweets is a queen for now?
  7. Also, @modiano and @Flower Are Breeze, Drift, Peace and Falcon kittypets, rouges, or loners? and is mothflower is starclan or the dark forest?
  8. Thanks! ------- @Flower how old is drift?
  9. Are they litter mates? (sweets and breeze)
  10. Sorry, what i meant was should I put them on there?
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