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  1. You can build that sort of logic yourself with the logic parts.
  2. We get to Sudden Death and Draw way too often. Increasing the damage overall might be a way to fix this issue.
  3. Not just a specific drone but too much reliance in general on bumpers. And they cause draws too often. I'd recommend at least reducing the bumpers' durability to push using basic blocks for defence.
  4. Or maybe I just can't figure out how to use the temperature probe correctly.
  5. Molten world cores should count as danger zone to sensors. So that my programmer drones can avoid them.
  6. I would like some tutorials for how to beat the different mission types (capture mantas, find artifact, mine everything) using fully autonomous drones. I thought Programmer would be fun but instead I'm finding endless frustration.
  7. Or don't count draws as losses. Start that match over with a new opponent.
  8. Yeah I realized that a bit after I posted. Up to the devs as you say, but I would consider it a bug if I were the dev.
  9. When you shoot mushrooms and they create terrain, if they are near a resource that you mined they will create more of that resource.
  10. It would be nice if once you unlock a part by completing a mission, you could buy more of them with Tritium in the hangar. With the exception of weapons probably. I imagine it working this way: you have two thrusters, you place four on your drone and the count drops to -2. When you hit save and exit it asks if you want to pay X Tritium to fabricate the missing parts.
  11. Great game! 50 hours in 5 days. I can't stop!
  12. Right!? I think that's a great idea and it should be fairly easy to implement.
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