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  1. Saphire

    Unlocked gene suddenly locked

    My tribe have unlocked almost all genes, but when they went extinct and I restarted with the same bloodline, the bearyena claw gene was no longer unlocked. None of the other genes changed status. Slot0.nichesave
  2. It seemed to fix itself eventually. I tried to load it several more times, and suddenly, after two weeks or so, it worked again.
  3. Saphire

    New members

    Hello, I'm Saphire. I'm a student for Oslo, Norway, and I'm just a few months away from completing my master thesis in modern Middle Estern history. I've played Niche since its release on Steam, but only recently joined the community. I also enjoy playing cattail, stardew vallet and skyrim:)
  4. I think it's this one Slot4.nichesave
  5. When I try to load an existing save file, it will say that my species is extinct, and nothing happens if I try to restart with the same bloodline.