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    Real-time PvP

    Some sort of real-time PvP would be extremely fun and open up a lot of possibilities and people's imagination, especially with all the new drone parts.
  2. the rest of the game is alright i suppose but the brawl mode, THE BRAWL MODE, i could never describe how badly thought out it's system is, it's bad and unfair in every way possible it's all a matter of whether or not you damage the core, which brings me to my next point, no matter how powerful and well engineered your drone is you only have to encounter a single drone covered in magnets or bumpers (you will not believe how many there are) to lose the whole damn tournament (even if it's a draw, for whatever reason) now a way to fix all this is simply to judge the winner based on their average condition and not just their core, and probably increase the time limit of each round but most importantly, NERF MAGNETS AND BUMPERS.
  3. drone skins display the temperature of their block onto themselves
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