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  1. Completing this goal has been a lot of fun. The achievements system is really well designed and forces you to experience the full breadth of what the game has to offer without being too grindy. I completed the Mastermind achievement today and I'm glad I saved it till last because the knowledge I gained from winning a tournament in every multiplayer mode came in really handy. Also, giving Programmer free cam is my favorite change ever. If people are interested in a guide to all the achievements or have any specific questions just let me know
  2. I think it's called "The Mess" but it's an AI drone you can face sometimes in Brawl. Just a core surrounded by bumpers. It's almost unkillable and has ended a number of my attempts to get 10 wins. Just replace it with a drone that is more fun like a jouster or something that won't end your run every time.
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