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  1. I like this suggestion! I don't think it would be that OP, especially if the exchange rate was a little higher. Like you said, the people who speedrun and do challenges might not use this feature, while those who do stockpile food don't always have a use for it. Maybe it could even be turned on or off in sandbox mode to suit the individual's play style better. A feature like this could actually lead to interesting situations where players need to evaluate if the extra action would be worth the cost! I could really see this benefitting players who use niche to act out stories and roleplays, since in that case the story itself (and therefore the actions) might be a more important component than the survival or challenge aspect of the game. Obviously I'm not the expert on whether or not this would be an unbalanced/OP feature to add, but I think something like this could be kinda cool ^-^
  2. This would actually be pretty fun! I could definitely see it being a second hidden achievement, since it has almost the opposite theme of the first one, haha. X) Maybe it could be called "Master Hacker" or something, lol
  3. This is a really cool idea! My only hesitation is that since I'm not using the game for education, I wouldn't want these panels to show up by default, since I personally wouldn't be using them and they don't actually affect gameplay. Maybe there could be an option for a separate game mode in settings, like "Education Mode" or something? With two separate modes, it would allow for layout changes and real-world info to be added without disturbing the immersion for non-educational players. That being said, I'd love to see additional educational aspects added to the game, since there are already so many opportunities for learning with it! I think it would be awesome if you could click on specific genes and read about them. It would be cool to click on the blood clotting gene and learn about X-linked genes, or click on fur color to learn about incomplete dominance. There could even be panels that come up when you achieve a specific game condition, like a panel about inbreeding depression when you breed a creature with double immunity genes, or information about deleterious alleles when you have a nicheling with a deformed paw. There's practically endless possibilities with this idea and I think it would be such a great tool for students and teachers to have!
  4. I totally agree! It's so big and fluffy, I imagine it'd be pretty warm haha
  5. This would be really cool! I'd love to see it as an optional feature/sandbox setting, like how other life stages can be edited currently. An elder stage would definitely add more dynamic to the population; I like the idea that once nichelings reach a certain age they're no longer able to breed. I'm not sure if additional penalties (like sensory decline, etc.) would be too much of a disadvantage, but maybe that could be a customization option as well? I also think it could be cool if this affected their physical appearance as well, like if the manes grew longer on male nichelings or if they turned white/gray around their muzzles. Overall nice idea!
  6. Haha yeah, that's actually what I thought too! I thought I'd just add it on because it popped into my head but I figured that since their underwater breathing would come from the water body it wouldn't really make a difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was trying to think of a debuff that could be an alternative to the speed one, so even though it didn't make technical sense I thought I'd suggest it since it had breathing in the name haha
  7. 1000% support! There are so many useful features suggested here that I think would be a huge benefit if added to the game. I would kill to be able to sort by two genes at once haha X)
  8. I love this so much!! The fact that boar heads have been implemented in Niche Mobile makes me hopeful that they'll eventually be used in the main game I agree with some of the stat changes that other people have suggested, but overall I think this is a great suggestion
  9. Thanks! I just grabbed this picture of a melanistic nicheling from the wiki; it's still pretty dark with just a tint of blue, so I figured a Blue Gray + Black combo would be slightly lighter and definitely "blue-er" than this. If it was implemented in the game I'm sure they would do their best to make it look as different as possible
  10. I like this a lot! I agree that Derp Snout should have some kind of debuff that would make it undesirable aside from aesthetic reasons. Maybe instead of there being a chance they're born with a condition, it automatically applies to all Derp Snouts? In that case it would have to be slightly less of a penalty, maybe not halving movement but -1 or -2 instead (minimum of 1, of course), but that way it wouldn't be left up to chance and would provide more incentive for breeding it out, like a deformed paw or blind eye gene. Another thing that could be added could be the negation of Underwater Breathing? Maybe that would be too much in conjunction with the other debuffs, but it could make sense that with respiratory problems they could have a -1 or -2 underwater breathing stat. Not sure if it's necessary or realistic, but it just popped into my head so I figured I'd tack it on, haha
  11. I just noticed that they're allowing testing on PC and Mac! Though unfortunately I don't have an Android phone, I do have both types of computer and I'd love to be a tester if I can ^-^
  12. I agree with this suggestion mainly because Gills need to have an advantage aside from Underwater Breathing if we ever want to get other aquatic-inspired heads! I've seen/thought of some other suggestions for heads that are based on various sea/water creatures, but most of them would render Gills useless if they conferred an Underwater Breathing ability because it's the only thing Gills CAN do. I think it would make perfect sense if Gills had a fishing ability
  13. I really like the idea that the toxic colors would be linked to the regular fur colors, it would certainly provide more consistency! I know fur colors display incomplete dominance, but maybe the toxic color could only be influenced by the "dominant" fur color? It wouldn't allow for mixed toxic colors, but it might be easier than programming a neon version of every mixed fur color, plus it might be hard to mix a red and green toxic body (for example) and have it stay vibrant.
  14. I don't think this comparison is especially useful, considering that in the original post there was nothing specifically about wolves. A runner's paw with claws versus a runner's paw without claws WOULD be different in-game if they have different stats, regardless of how real-life animals like wolves may have adapted to use their claws. The claw paw we currently have is extremely robust, so I think having a paw with slightly more subtle claws, combining the abilities of a runner's leg and claw paw, would be pretty useful! Like @Zixvir commented, they could be styled like retractable claws, or like another animal with smaller claws that still uses them to attack or defend itself; they don't necessarily have to draw inspiration from wolf claws if that would be biologically incorrect.
  15. Same, haha. I would definitely like the ability to toggle this feature but I think it's a great and well-thought-out idea!
  16. I think it might be helpful if some of these suggestions had their own separate posts instead of combining them, which would make them easier to vote on ^-^
  17. Basically what the title says - I think a Blue Gray fur gene would be really pretty and I've seen a few people mention it around the forums, though not necessarily in a post of their own! I think Blue Gray would be a really pretty addition and not wholly unrealistic, and I think would fit well in the game's environment as well. I know that there is a suggestion for Gray fur here: Which suggests a midtone gray fur gene that would give more variation than just black and white, which I really like! HOWEVER, I think a separate Blue Gray gene along with a midtone Gray gene would be really cool to have as well! We have Red and Red Brown, so I don't think Blue and Blue Gray would be too much, especially if they're sufficiently different, so make sure to give the Gray Fur suggestion an upvote as well ^^^ I did a mockup of what the Blue Gray fur and its hybrid combinations would look like, which I've posted below, and I've also included the mockup I did for Lilyturf's Gray Fur suggestion so you could see how they might be different ^-^ I know that the purple-y fur colors aren't the most realistic but neither are the bright red creatures in the first place, so I think as long as they're not neon they would still fit, haha! I did two versions of the Yellow fur hybrid since I wasn't sure whether to go with a more greenish or brownish tone. Also, I know that this suggestion exists: However it is suggesting more colors than just blue, in more vibrant tones, that would possibly be linked to bird genes, so I thought it was still appropriate for me to make my own suggestion since I thought they were different enough. ^-^
  18. I came here to make this same suggestion! I decided to do a mock-up of how a gray fur gene and its combinations would look, they're not SUPER different than the fur colors we have already but I included the current Black + White nicheling color to show the difference. All of these are somewhere between the current Black + (Color) and White + (Color) variations. I think adding a mid-tone gray fur would be helpful to add some variety to the colors we already have, even if it's subtle!
  19. I like all of these! It would give the game more of a realistic, organic environment feel ^-^
  20. This is so cute! It's purely an aesthetic change but I think it would go a long way to making them look more realistic ^w^
  21. Emeraldheart

    The Runaway

    This looks amazing! Great work ^-^
  22. @Moonglow Awesome! If I had to choose a favorite it would be Crookedstar, but I love so many of them! I'm also a big Jayfeather fan ^-^ @GlacyGlace Haha thank you! I'll keep you posted!
  23. Hi! I'm new too so hopefully we'll see each other around ^-^
  24. Thanks everybody! ^-^ Haha, thank you! Maybe I'll try to find them online, the series seems worth getting back into ^-^ (Also, I have to ask - does quoting someone give them a notification? If it doesn't I won't use it to reply to people lol TwT) @Greenpaw Thank you so much! I appreciate King Moth's kindness ^w^
  25. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! ^w^ I started Wings of Fire a while back but couldn't find the next book at the library so never continued the series, haha. I've always meant to go back to it though, it seemed really good and right up my alley! I read The Hunger Games a long time ago but I still consider myself a fan ^-^
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