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  1. Oh... that's why... I'm disappointed, but I'm sure I can wait a little longer and survive it. ^^ Thanks for clearing things out.
  2. It's me again... Still lost... I donated 40 for the Scout, but I can't find how to enter Early-access. Steam says it's on but there's nowhere to enter the Indiegogo code... I need help. ^^'
  3. I'm lost, how do we get the early access of the game ? I read all the ladder but can't find the answer...
  4. Cool rules, I'm going to try these on story mode this afternoon. What do we do if the gene generated is not unlocked yet ? Reroll ?
  5. Read the first line *click the return to the menu button*
  6. I play it several times but die quickly...
  7. Oh no... I can't do that one... (the poor ones...)
  8. Done ! I have refill my "challenge to do" list in the process. Can I be a tester now @Philo ? My phone is on Android 8, I think it can handle it. (I'm super hype right now !!)
  9. I'm going to try this after my exams, it's seems really challenging in the breeding way !
  10. I play with this kind of rules but I used a generator to say which genes was the most attractive
  11. I did this it was great, thanks for sharing the rules !
  12. I don't understand the third and fourth line... Sorry...
  13. I'm going to try this but not with 100 days for adulthood, I don't have the time for this
  14. Seems difficult to handle, I never use the command before. I'm scared of it to break the game...
  15. Oh god... It seems really hard... I'm going to try this one next week-end, I will go back with my failure then XD XD
  16. I play with rules like these, it's fun !
  17. I see now, a "post" is just some reply !! I was thinking it was... I don't know what it's called in english... a topic maybe. Ok, It's easy to do, I'm going to do this right now !
  18. @Philo It means that if I said 10 random things anywhere I can join just like that ? (I hope so it will really make my day !)
  19. I'm so sad I can't test the game too... Niche is my favorite game !! My entire life is based on genetic (I really, really love genetic) I was so happy to finally see a game like that when I found it ! (three years ago ? I'm not sure) I never post anything on the forum but I read a lot and try many challenges posted here... Maybe someone can tell me more about this new game, the new genes and when it finally come out for all of us ?
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