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  1. She pointed her snout to the closest shelter.
  2. *inhale* Im bored so imma state all the deaths but as Minecraft Cocospill was slain by Unknown Monster. Chardonnay was eaten alive by Zombies. Everest was Slain by Zombies. Almond turned. Tippip Was Also Eaten alive by Zombies. sorry if I got any wrong lol
  3. She looked at the plane and then tried to find where it was going.
  4. I also don’t know how to host maps qwq
  5. The next day Oak was still asleep and there was some sort of... bear? Snow Storm Picked some twigs from a twig bush and then jumped into a hot spring, getting warm for a few moments before jumping out again and following the others deeper into the snow. They Found a Few Ram-Foxes But they moved out of the way as soon as they got close. They kept walking and Shadow picked more twigs from another twig Bush they found. Then the Bear was behind Snow Storm. It Slashed him and he yelled, Falling down. This woke Oak up, She was so panicked she rushed up to the Bear and slashed it. It growled and then slashed her back. She yelped and scurried away, but there was a Ram-fox. She slashed it and it collapsed. She and the others kept running from the dangers. Shadow had also gotten attacked so when they were away from the creatures Oak Licked his wounds to stop the bleeding. He grumbled and blushed. Snow Storm Was bleeding as well so Hilo licked his wounds. “Heh.” “Shut up Acorn head.” Snow Storm Chuckled and let Hilo lick him. The Bear re-appeared and they ran again. The Bear was chasing them so they kept running, spotting a few other nichelings as they ran. They finally got away from the Bear and decided to rest for a little while. They rested for a few minutes before getting up and continuing to move. Oak found a nest and looked to Shadow. “H-Hey Shadow..?” “Yeah?” And the next day, Oak was pregnant. But... The Bear had followed them so Oak couldn’t have her child just yet.. They kept running, Shadow had put an arm around oak and was hurrying away with Oak. They eventually managed to get away and Shadow helped Oak into a Hot spring. This warmed her and she felt better just as she felt pain from the child inside of her. “Ouch..” “What? Are you ok?” “Yeah, I’m ok.” Oak hopped out of the spring and spotted a nest not too far away and so she rushed towards it. “O-Oak Wait up!” Shadow And the others hurried after her. Oak Jumped into the nest and curled up. Shadow Stood behind her and kept a good eye on her. Snow Storm and Hilo watched the two. and the next Day.. A Small pink And Gray Head poked out from under her.
  6. The next few days were sleepless for Oak, she kept having these.. terrible nightmares every time she shut her eyes. She hadn’t slept for about 4 days now and had developed bags under her eyes from not sleeping for days on end. She was BAD afraid. The sun was setting over the ocean and everyone else was already asleep. She Was About to drift off before Someone grabbed her paw. this spooked her, she looked up at the worried face of shadow, and her face softened when she saw it was just him, not those.. monsters that haunted her dreams. She Sighed. “What’cha thinkin’ about?” Shadow asked, sitting down next to her. “Not much...” “Can’t sleep, again? “Yeah.. Am I keeping you up?” “No, No! I don’t mind staying up and talking.” “Mkay..” She leaned her head on his shoulder and he rubbed her head with his Velvet paw. She smiled slightly. “You really need to sleep...” “No! I won’t!” She Twitched away from him. He grumbled and pulled her close to him, he Hummed a tune to try and calm her into sleeping, if he was being honest.. he really cared about her and her well being. Oak’s tired eyes slowly drooped closed and her breathing evened. Shadow sighed and kept her close, Resting his head on her’s. He kept humming. “One day, Over the river.. Across the ice and the Sahara.. I’ll find.. you..” (Art is being made by Polly Rn :>)
  7. *rubs hands together* hehe boi
  8. maybe.....................
  9. (if you draw two characters- if u don’t just draw oak) Name of character: Oak & Shadow Gender: Oak is female, shadow is male Picture: (Oak) (Shadow) Other: u can make them Huggo (or if it’s just the oak drawing you can make her Scared because why the frick not) (also oak hasn’t slept for a while lol-) (hdfk I hope that wasn’t too much-)
  10. The Au is called “I m p o s t e r” if you wanted to know qwq
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