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  1. hello again stray fawn studios forums I'm going into my finals today wish me luck
  2. notebook doodles of object shows and a dnd npc I like :33
  3. THIS IS IRONIC !!!!! this thing makes me hurt deep within myself i apologize for unleashing it upon this world
  4. wb doodles ft animatic battle
  5. even more alphabetters art //realistic blood warning
  6. catboys ^__^ oh and golf too
  7. lethal company improv I love you
  8. stranger!casey’s new name is the Counterfeit
  9. one of my friends put on a show of Newsies Jr and I loved the fit so I had to draw it (she also had a newsboy cap but it was hard to draw so I uh. didn’t)
  10. even more contortionist art (the au where everything is normal (Contortionist is a Florist and their name is Casey))
  11. GUHH.. I have Bell’s Palsy this sucks so so so muchhhh hhhhhhhhhh [if you don’t know what Bell’s palsy is look it up]
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