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  1. You managed to get to them, the other clans were there too!
  2. They should be taking bags now
  3. She lifted a paw and shook the water off.
  4. Yeah, I’m a simp Sniper I Monke P
  5. (I’m not gonna tell you) You arrived at a log, you noticed your clan across the log and on a sort of Island.
  6. (I have two storylines, pick a number between one and two)
  7. “Are you okay?” Poppy asked, dropping the rock and going over to Moss. ”Uh.. I think so?” Moss responded. ”C’mon! We can’t miss the Star Fall!” Poppy pulled Moss to her feet and ran after His Clan, Moss following but much slower.
  8. Poppy joined in as well and you were able to push the rock off Moss’ leg and she scurried out, you noticed quickly the ground near her leg was red, and so was the bottom of the rock.
  9. “Move the rock and then I can move myself.”
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