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  1. She choked out a yelp and coughed. She lay still on the floor, not wanting to move.
  2. She stumbled at the sudden move and fell. she Hissed at the sudden jolt of pain.
  3. I need a cover for the Devil's Train AU concept book
  4. She looked around, unimpressed, but kept her head down, knowing she wasn’t going to get picked anyways
  5. I have no idea what to do please help
  6. They muttered insults and curses under their breath as the limped down the stairs.
  7. She Blinked, letting her eyes adjust to the dark, it happened quickly so they looked around, taking in the room.
  8. And Jade Jade is a very tiny, plump, male SilkWing dragonet, he is 4 years old, he is curious, stubborn, and playful, his scales are light purple-blue and his underbelly is tomato-colored, his eyes are teal, his wing membranes are darker gold, and his spikes greyish blue, his wing patterns are silver,. He has no special powers. He is a lower middle-class dragon, he is a student whom goes to a school called Shark Academy. He dislikes being followed, dragons attacking him, and mosquitos. He likes hunting, seashells, and climbing. He wears a onyx tailband, and wears a hat. He has a scar on h
  9. Will you accept Ravishing Ravishing is a very short, very thin, old male RainWing, he is 106 years old, he is secretive, disloyal, and lying, his scales are light grey and his underbelly is neon blue, his eyes are emerald green, his wing membranes are baby blue, and his spikes are ghost white, his frill is the same color as his wing membranes.. He has weaker venom, Ravishing is somewhat avoided because of it. He is a higher middle-class dragon, Ravishing is a gardener, he despises his job. He dislikes moths, the cold, and rattlesnakes. He likes jumping into leaf piles, bright colors, and
  10. She glared at them. she limped to the door after the other dragon.
  11. She stood up, hissing at the pain in her side.
  12. Ranboob: (Design wise: the same suit boi you all know and love BUT, he has two green eyes and a green tie, (also his white and black sides can split And they argue a lot but let’s not talk about that) Dream’s Puppet. ... Who were they again?
  13. Tbh this au’s Quackity’s Theme would probably be Turn the lights off by tally hall
  14. The white boy’s Face :] He hasn’t slept in a while (also, uhh Blood warning?)
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