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  1. |STORY| Sprout and Bailey are friends and one day they go missing (I’m not really sure what actually happens but we’ll just go with that) so they get stuck in some slime thing and are stuck in it like Amber until someone (I have thought up a character for them but just haven’t shown it yet) goes and frees them, they’ve got older and have a different design than they did before (again, I’ll show you later) and they go home but don’t remember much, So one day they go and remember where they used to meet as younger kids and go there, they find each other and remember Most of their childhoo
  2. Also this is all based off of a dream I had lmaoo
  3. LOOK LOOK I MADE CONCEPT ART FOR A SHOW IDEA LOOK The characters are Sprout (a Bamboo boi) and Bailey (A Panda boi! :D) I will explain story later Sprout concept :D I don’t have art for Bailey yet sadly 😔
  4. *INHALES* Most of these are very out there I’m sorry
  5. Y@ll eat cho hubba bubba with or without the shell
  6. I had another thought I wanted to share but I forgot it
  7. You know how some people pretend a banana is a gun? What if your eating the banana and accidentally fire it, Do you just.. die?
  8. They turned. They're Eyes we’re.. White? Grey? ”Who..” They said quietly.
  9. Another thing I’m very proud of
  10. Thing for an animation I never got back to i have a lot of unfinished animations Tbh I kinda like this one
  11. I have a lot of dsmp headcannons written down if u want to see them react to this with eek
  12. Please go ask me to draw something
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