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  1. |STORY|
    Sprout and Bailey are friends and one day they go missing (I’m not really sure what actually happens but we’ll just go with that)

    so they get stuck in some slime thing and are stuck in it like Amber until someone (I have thought up a character for them but just haven’t shown it yet) goes and frees them, they’ve got older and have a different design than they did before (again, I’ll show you later) and they go home but don’t remember much, So one day they go and remember where they used to meet as younger kids and go there, they find each other and remember Most of their childhood (?) and it’s very happy, and they live happily ever after the end

  2. 14 minutes ago, Polly but cursed said:

    This is a warning to the Camel Riders.

    I cannot tell you my name but please listen.

    There is another side to this revolution, The MS Paint Tree. 

    A few years ago we allied with President Olive Joy, Or so we thought. 

    A few weeks later before he died, one of our spies were spying on President Cactus and overheard Olive Joy and Cactus talking. We heard something horrible.. Olive Joy was going to fake his death and have Cactus blame us. Why are they doing this? They are doing this to take over. They will do anything to make sure we are blamed for Olive's 'death'. Even if that means killing innocent people. 

    During the nuke, They installed cameras to listen in on your plans. 

    You must be quick as all of President Cactus's armies are coming. 


    - A unknown squirrel being


    Oh my god..

    this changes everything..

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