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  1. (How about the name Emerald? Or Amber?) It meowed at you. “Well that doesn’t narrow it down much.” Sam said.
  2. Pancrack

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    I can somewhat sing im not the best but I think I’m pretty good if I do say so myself ✨
  3. Have possible pfp material


  4. i really like this font, It’s big vibe
  5. Imma jus 🏢🤸‍♀️ 🏢
  6. He took it and pulled himself up. ”Anyways, any idea where they could have gone?”
  7. It sniffed your hand and then rubbed its cheek on your thumb. “I think I scratched my ankle.” He said.
  8. Pancrack

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    I don’t have a soul but you can live in my mind rent free if that will suffice
  9. “I know, I Always have good ideas.” He said, skipping in front of you and turning to face you, And because he wasn’t looking where he was going he almost tripled and fell over a stray piece of wood from something. It’s tail was up in the air and it’s head was swiveled towards you. it meowed at you.
  10. Well I didn’t see your art before I started making mine 😕
  11. A cat crossed your path, it was a black cat with pretty amber eyes, it seems to have gotten dirty from something because it’s fur was dusted with debris.
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