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  1. Just then one of the Leafwings landed on the sand from above. ”I thought I heard something..” he said. -Be quiet -Keep talking
  2. There was no answer. -Keep talking -Be silent
  3. One of the Leafwings said: “Let’s Keep moving.” So they hopped into the sky and started soaring to the West. -Talk -Keep silent
  4. I made Almond a Ref I also made one for starfish
  5. As you wondered the Leafwings landed on the beach and looked around for Almond. one of them even looked in the Willow, She Was Nowhere to be found. -Stay quiet until the Leafwings leave -Speak
  6. “Shh.” Almond said ”They’re coming for me and They’ll probably kill you if they knew you met me.” She said. ”I’m Protecting you, So Shh..” she said. -Stay quiet -Keep asking questions
  7. You saw a few Leafwings flying toward you. Just as you saw them A Tree trunk twisted around you and Starfish, it then connected to the willow. -Ask what is happening -Stay silent
  8. Almond’s ears pricked. ”Uh oh..” She said, looking back, leaping into the Willow and hiding quickly. -Look around -TYO
  9. “Oh! Haha!” Almond said as her face turned a slight tint of pink. -TYO -Smile
  10. Almond looked into the pool and tilted her head. “All I see is My reflection.” She said. -Tell her what Starfish told you -Stay quiet
  11. Almond sat on the opposite side of you and Starfish. You wondered why. -Ask Her Why -Ask to See her leafspeak -Tell her to look in the pond Like Starfish -Something else (tell me)
  12. “Oh Uhm...” she said nervously ”I Have.. Leafspeak...” she said warily, taking a step back. -Ask her about leafspeak -Nod -TYO
  13. Almond Nodded and Jumped off the large tree. She Landed on the grass patch surrounding the Willow, and some flowers grew around where she landed. -Ask Her about the flowers -TYO -Talk about something
  14. Starfish stifled a laugh. ”Surge.. I like that name..” Almond Said. -TYO
  15. The Leafwing looked at you. ”Almond... My Name is Almond.” She said warily. -Keep talking -Tell her your name -Ask her why she is here
  16. The egg cracked even more and a small bit of the shell fell off. ”Should we Help it?” Asked the first voice. ”No, let it hatch on its own.” Said the second voice. -Continue scratching -Kick -Wiggle
  17. @Greenpaw They stayed silent but took a step towards you. -Keep talking to them -put your talon out -Stare at them
  18. @Impy10 “LightGiver, But You Can Call me Momma.” She said. -TYO -Sleep -Cry
  19. @Broken The eggshell cracks even more. “Gypsy it’s hatching!!” Said the first voice. -Keep scratching -Wiggle -Kick
  20. You scratched at the eggshell, it cracked slightly -Keep scratching -wiggle -Kick
  21. Day 1 @Broken You Wake up, Darkness all around. ”Gypsy, Is it going to hatch??” Asked a worried female voice from outside the darkness. ”Yes it’s going to hatch Glimmer.” Said another Voice, Gypsy Probably. -Kick -Scratch -Wiggle
  22. Your mother Gasped and Cradled you ”Yes, That’s My Name.” She said Happily. -TYO -Sleep -Cry
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