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  1. I showed this to my cousin and he started doing a weird dance on the floor I think he likes it
  2. Hey! Having text in the middle, having Fork pronouns and being cool is my thing! >:[
  3. Welcome to the void i hope we don’t scare away another one
  5. (Poggers) it was a backyard, someone was sitting on a swing on the tree, they looked a lot younger then you.
  6. Let’s gets back to this later
  7. Pancrack


    I don’t see anything on this planet that far into the future Im pretty sure we died
  8. *An American has entered the chat* Oh yeah I remember that! Good times, good times... now anyone wanna go fight against the government with me
  9. He a pulled out his phone. ”Uhh.. It’s about two miles from here... You have a car?” He asked. You didn’t.
  10. It kept walking and then turned in between two houses and jumped a fence.
  11. Sam waited for you to remember. Wasn't it all the way at Rosemary Road? It Meowed at you and then walked a couple steps forward, looked back at you and meowed, almost like it wanted you to follow it.
  12. you ever just.. feel like posting nothing to convey your feelings about the state of planet earth right now?
  13. TOMMY IS GONE 🦀🦀🦀
  14. (How about the name Emerald? Or Amber?) It meowed at you. “Well that doesn’t narrow it down much.” Sam said.
  15. Pancrack

    sign this

    I can somewhat sing im not the best but I think I’m pretty good if I do say so myself ✨
  16. Have possible pfp material


  17. “Alright well, where did you see them last?”
  18. “Alright, well I don’t know where they are.”
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