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  1. Thistle Walked outside to See Dragon Trap In the trees. ”Hi Dragon Trap!” She said, waving.
  2. (I like this sim, I went to sleep and now there’s 74+ new replies XD)
  3. [Princes Thistle - Open] Princess Thistle Was in her gardening class with Ms. Rosemary. ”So, Then you what?” She asked Her.
  4. Name: Princess Thistle (This) Poisonwing Gender / Pronouns: She / Her Leafspeak Strength: 8 Occupation in the Village: Princess / Student (studies Flowers and Gardening) Personality: She Is sweet and kindhearted even though she can be a little cold. she Has A Fear Of Dead things and the Deep Sea. Description: She is training to be a good gardener and a great queen. She really loves the scent of Cinnamon Orchids and wants to grow them and decorate her Palace with them. appearance:
  5. (Also just to let you guys know you have to ask me to be royalty) ((I’ll probably say yes XD))
  6. W e l c o m e , D r a g o n - t r a p W e l c o m e, T o T h e F o l i a g e V i l l a g e
  7. It’s an RP you start whenever you like :)
  8. You closed your eyes and fell asleep in Your Mother’s Arms. End Of Day 1 For Broken
  9. “Gypsy!! I’m Going to name her Lavender!” Glimmer said. ”Ok, That fits her.” Gypsy said. -TYO -Giggle -Cry -Sleep -Wiggle
  10. You Open your eyes and see a Large, Purple and Blue dragon Holding you up, Glimmer! There was Another Yellow and White Dragon Standing behind Glimmer, Probably Gypsy. -Cry -TYO -Sleep -Laugh
  11. You Couldn't see them! -Try to open your eyes -Sleep -Cry -TYO
  12. Welcome everyone! :D. You can Submit your OC or ask me for one. Have Fun!!
  13. Ok, Welcome! This Is A Leafwing Village deep in the Jungle That Nobody knows about and nobody leaves, except the dragons who are supposed to Explore, The Sapwings And Poisonwings live together Rules: Shipping is allowed Only Leafwings Oc Allowed 1 - 2 Dragons per player / Person And all the other generic RP rules You have to ask to be royalty (Keep it Family friendly) Form: Name: Sapwing / Poisonwing Gender / Pronouns: Leafspeak Strength: (1 - 10) Occupation in the Village: (healer, hunter, herb gatherer, t
  14. She just shook her head. -Keep going with her anyways -H u g s
  15. Almond Shook her head. -Ask her why -keep swimming
  16. The Eggshell bits fell off And Glimmer Broke the Last bit and Pulled you out of the extra shell. ”Glimmer.” Gypsy said. ”Oh shush.” Glimmer said. -Cry -TYO -Sleep -Laugh
  17. She Was a bit uneasy as you both swam inside. -Swim To the queen -Show her the palace
  18. Almond still Looked worried. -Keep comforting her -Swim in with her
  19. You arrive at the castle. Almond swam back. -Comfort her -Swim in -Stay with her
  20. Almond nodded and Swam after you. -Keep swimming -Go back
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