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  1. ⍑ᒷꖎꖎ𝙹, ╎ℸ ̣ ╎ᓭ ╎, pᔑリᓵᔑꖌᒷ, !¡ꖎᒷᔑᓭᒷ ⊣𝙹 ᔑ∴ᔑ||, i ↸𝙹 リ𝙹ℸ ̣ ᒷリ⋮𝙹|| ||𝙹⚍∷ ᓵ𝙹ᒲ!¡ᔑリ||.
  2. Frick it- *Un-Philzas your minecraft*
  3. Okay, So I need to say this, I am 5’something, Ranboo is 6’6 i am short compared to this man, but if he comes running at me, like he says he will if I am somehow wearing his merch, all I have to do is bend over and this man will topple over, his center of gravity is so off that I can just do that and he will fall i can just take his kneecaps and he is down and out. thank you for coming to my Ted talk
  4. There seemed to be many items skewed around, like they had tumbled down and had probably broken, one of them being a vase, another being some gaming controller, and a ripped beanbag, but the thing that caught your eye the most was a boy, just lying in the rubble, turned sideways, he had brown hair and a blue shirt. maybe you should go inspect..?
  5. She was already outside stepping over planks of wood from something like a treehouse that had fallen.
  6. I haven’t made it yet :v
  7. Thought #2: Jshlatt is moving to Austin Texas. he could be my landlord at some point i don’t have a house yet but when I move into one he could be i would lose my crap if I found out he was my landlord
  8. So me and my friend were talking about the origins mod for minecraft and we talked about how easy it would be to get out of a building with the abilities, like the avians would place tnt in the building, the others would come up to the roof where the avian was and they would press a button and the tnt would go off, the avians could glide to the other buildings (me and her talked about how the avians would miss the roof and crash into the glass and just fall and die) the arachnids would crawl down the walls, the Elytrians would fly away, the felines could just jump down, the Enderins
  9. Name: Eve Gender/Pronouns: She/They Looks: Other: Transgender Lesbian >:], TS: Snowman (thats also her cannon voice), sass queen,
  10. “She looks squished.” ”Robin, Jason, Get over here!” Shouted your mom from around the corner of a glass door. There was cereal and a few other things.
  11. he followed you gaze and winced. ”Yikes.. What do you think happened to her?” He asked, leaning on you. Everything was skewed, chairs thrown around, cabinets open, tables flipped over.
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