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  1. Pack Name: Blue Moons Lead dog name: Sliver Gender: Female Personality Traits: Protective, Strong, Powerful Breed: Huskies (and German sheep dogs are included in the pack) (Huskies do Search and rescue and also are Sled dogs and Sheep dogs herd reindeer)
  2. She felt proud, she went to go put the fish in the fresh kill pile.
  3. Pancake She/Her Orphan allow me to explain *clears throat* So she was an Orphan, she lived on a somewhat large island with a city, She lived with all the other orphans and they didn’t really get along too well. So one day she packed her bags and left. And then she found land (the original land) and made friends. then went to go find the ocean, and she did! And brought all her friends, but then she got shot into the ocean yeah yeah and got swept away to the isles. and then she went insane.
  4. Your ship could have crash landed into the ocean and you got swept onto the island
  5. Time to begin paper planes meme also some other memes I think would fit our plot Choice meme or Humans meme
  6. She ripped out her claws and snatched at it.
  7. Pancrack


    Here is a WoF oc who is pretty recent tbh
  8. https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/existence-is-futile-worm-time-by-ahntheia/41567898.9G0D8#&gid=1&pid=3
  9. You can private message me a clip of your voice if you want
  10. Name: Rosalina Pronouns: She/They Appearance:
  12. Well.. I guess you do have a really high voice so record it and I’ll decide if it’s good
  13. *inhales* Have you not been reading what I’ve been saying? we went to find the ocean and found it, got shot into the ocean by someone (cloaked figure) and got swept far away. We haven’t gone to find home because our sign of direction has been all jumbled and we lost our compass and this is just for fun
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