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  1. Coming on @Polly u wanna come too?
  2. Then what do you want me to do I’m trying to understand
  3. Also please take care of my puppy
  4. I left my stuff in a chest in the extra storage room And I made a gravestone, but you can take that out if it’s in the way
  5. Oh i guess all my mistakes have already been fixed well, it was nice playing with you guys :]
  6. Okay, I know I’ve caused a lot of harm and problems and you all probably can’t forgive me so I’ve decided to fix my mistakes and then leave the server, so you guys don’t have to fix my mistakes :]
  7. Well no everyone watched him. i don’t know what that is
  8. I don’t know what they want anymore, I try to do what they want and they tell me to stop, I just can’t.
  9. They said I could be the villain, and then sail they didn’t want me to be the villain, so I left so someone cold be a better villain
  10. That’s why I left, they clearly don’t want me there, so I left! :]
  11. I’ll just.. Leave, you guys can have fun without any conflict or a villain :]
  12. ... the creeper destroyed your house.. I’m Sorry.. ..
  13. I killed none of your pets and you killed my only pet.
  14. But you set on fire and killed my dog.
  15. Well you said yourself you were done with me and to stop being the villain so I can stop being the villain if you’d want
  16. I mean.. I can just leave. and they can have fun without me if that would be better for them
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