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  1. (I’m gonna put the lyrics in quotes and then my ideas for them) (also all of these are the cannon personas From the SFS SMP, not The people here) ”What if the bad guy wasn’t the bad guy?” Arsoncake, taking the position of villain, when she was told that was her role “What if the hero wasn’t really good?” C!Polly doing some bad stuff (The eye, burning Arsoncake’s Treehouse Etc.) ”What if the Damsel in distress was living her life and he took her away from the ones she loved?” Green Revivng Ghostcake “And what if Prince Charming poisoned Sleeping beauty cause she rejected him a moment before?” Clover Helping blow up the Sky islands ”And what if fairytales don’t have happy endings?” All/most/Some of the cannon deaths ”What if they end up in war?” Conflict in SFS SMP
  2. Imma go explain ideas in my doodle dumpster
  3. I feel like making a fairytales animatic with SFS SMP ngl
  4. Ah yes My laziness is kicking in (The concept is basically their level of emotion showed/That they’re able to handle is shown by how big their heart is??? Idek what I was doing but it was something along that line) wilber with sharp teeth gives me life also look at littol goat boi
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