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  1. “Yeah that’s what I was thinking, You or your mom hadn’t heard from any of the only queens, before she passed had you?”
  2. “I’m just thinking, why would the Sandwing Queen want to kill the Silkwing Queen?”
  3. He seemed to be Staring into space. ”Yeah?” He answered, not moving.
  4. You didn’t hear Atlas follow you as you walked.
  5. “I’ll be back.” He said from behind you, his voice fading.
  6. “I must go.” Said Your father, grabbing a bag and leaving.
  7. She jumped into the river, even though she couldn’t swim.
  8. You Went back to your sisters. ”Where is she?” Asked Mantis.
  9. Haha Arachnophobia go *vibrates like a car*
  10. You heard a crack beneath you.
  11. You sat down with a thump.
  12. Oh. You startled everyone except the Night-Rain hybrid.
  13. 🕳🏃🏼‍♂️💨
  14. ‘...GET OUT!’ It shouted, startling you.
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