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  1. “20 Silver.” Said the Shopkeeper. -Buy it -Put it back -Other
  2. (I’m going to take a break from this for A While Be back later)
  3. You Walked up to a Stall with Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets You Name it. -Get A Necklace -Get A Pair Of Earrings -Get A Ring -Get A Bracelet -Other
  4. “Hi! What Do you Wanna do now?” She asked. -(Something of your choice -Other
  5. You Went to the Market and looked around. There Was Food Stalls, Jewry stalls and some other Stalls. -Get (Something -Get (Something else -Other
  6. OOOOOOOOHHH- You Enjoyed the Fruit for a Bit. -(Go Do Something of your choice -Other
  7. You Walked To the Market. ”Iceberg!” Your Bff Icicle Came Up to you. -Hi -Other
  8. -Get Some Fruit -Get some meat -Get Something else -Other
  9. You Smiled Back and Ate The Caribou. You Finished eating a few Minutes later. -Go Meet Your Bff At the Market -Other
  10. “Nothing of your Concern.” -Ok -Get food -Other
  11. “Hello Girls.” He said, Smiling. Your Mother Passed you Some Caribou. -Smile Back -Eat -Other
  12. “Hmm?” He Looked up. ”Yes, Just.. Thinking.” -About what? -Get food -Other
  13. “Alrighty!” Your Father Walked in. -Hi Dad -... -Other
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