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  1. old post of mine, but for those that still see this, i would like to say that the people that think doing challenges or going to the savvanah is how you make this game harder and in consequence more fun miss the point theres a difference between a game being difficult and a game being punishing, to make a game more punishing is to let there be more of a negative effect if you make a bad play, to make a game more difficult is to make a game more rewarding when you make a good play going to the savvanah doesnt make the game more difficult, just more punishing because savvanah lacks food amongst other things that just make it painful to play there harder settings doesnt make the game more strategic, the gameplay is the same, its just that if u mess up now, the consequences are just that much more worse when people say 'just do a challenge or go to a difficult biome' its the equivalent to 'oh the minecraft zombies are too boring to fight?? just make them all spawn with strength 4 and speed 3, that will make it more fun ")'
  2. Ide also like to be a tester but on pc if possible
  3. If i had this my family tree would be a palm tree
  4. yea but then that would be op
  5. maybe instead of this we could have toxic paw/flippers becos toxic body+spiky body on 1 thing seems a lil too much
  6. like perhads 1strength 1 armor 2 smelling might be better cos 1str 1 smell makes it somewhat identical to bearyena
  7. hmm maybe could have some interesting genes locked behind since balance bears are hard to murder
  8. I heard theres pc builds of the game would be interesting to help find bugs and such in this
  9. putting it on harder settings doesnt change the fact the base game itself has made it too easy, just makes the game feel like more of a slough. killer islands are also very easy to thrive in unless u count the savanna worlds in which case they are mostly impossible to thrive in
  10. So, ive been playing Niche for some time and I have noticed something that annoys me: The game has been made way too easy?underbalanced? i dont really know how to explain myself but theres a reason most people play this game for rp instead of the supposed strategy and roguelite elements its supposed to have. Ive managed to have a story mode world where i edited my nichelings to have only water genes except for one which is allowed to be different,and ive managed to pull my way through all the way to home island. This got me thinking, this is a game about strategy, survival and genetics, and yet almost any thing you could do worked, its extremely hard to die unless u set very harsh limits on yourself , and most of the genes did basically the same thing, excluding a few(wings,antenna,peacock tail) I find this rather annoying because this game shows a very high potential and yet is falling short by quite a large margin, so ive come up with the newer updates ive seen, the issue has been exasturbated by adding more food sources and genes. So after quite abit of thought ive compiled a few suggestions to add to the game aswell as balances to the current pool of genes that could bring some diversity to the game: INCREASE THE SPAWN OF FISH AND INSECTS currently most would not breed their nichelings to collecting food from both of these sources as they are rather inconsistent and hard to come by FOOD DECAY have food decay after a certain amount of days example you collected 5 berries on day 1 and 10 on day 2 , after 8 days the food you collected on day 1 will spoil if your nichelings have not eaten it(the game should prioritise the oldest food to be eaten first) this would prevent players from stock pilling a unholy amount of food on some easy island and having it carry them through for the next 100 days, giving incentive to actually having your nichelings adapt to the environment (not to mention it would make more sense than having berries you plucked on day 50 still completely edible by day 300) DYING OF SUFFOCATION: Make waterbreathing over a value of 1 cause the nicheling to suffocate when not in water as well as making it so the deeper in the water you go the higher the water breathing required to not drown after increasing the abundance of fish in the water water genes might become a much more viable source of food and maybe even be too much but this would make it harder to get into and out of the waters WATER GENES: putting the water genes aside from the rest as its all the same but give all except swimming tail webbed feet and platypus beak +1fishing HEAD GENES: antenna: give it heightened hearing smelling and maybe sight as right now its just a gimicky and rather useless gene Bird beak: probably the best jaw by a long shot with the abilityto harvest from so many sources, i would suggest getting rid of the ability to smell on this one digging trunk: -1 digging (3 is alot from one hole even by itself) PAWS: nimble fingers: -1strength but when in pairs give it the ability to climb trees(im taking inspiration from monkey hands since gettin punched doesnt really hurt as much as other things) velvet paw: -1 berry collecting +1stealth when in pairs gain the ability to pounce on bunnels and crabbits (like the wings swoop ability) wings: i have two different ways to go with the wings, A put a +1 damage vulnerability to it or B give more -flight to the bodies with big body being -7 ,lean body with no penalty and all other bodies -4 claw: -1 fishing(already have alot of strength extra fishing is abit too much) bearyena claw:-1 fishing(gets rid of this genes ability to fish)(reason is same as normal claw) digging paw: -1 digging but when in a pair able to dig up the stagmoles TAILS: peacock tail: give it the ability to intimidate rogue males aswell as hostile creatures such as bearyena and seeing ape into staying away more these are all i could think of for the current list of genes if you have any other things you think needs a change please tell me note: there could be a setting on sandbox that lets you toggle food dexay on/off/length before decay though have it be on for adventure mode just to give it more of a challenge
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