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    annnnd now it's not working at all. Great. edit: nvm, seems to be working for me now, strangeness.
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    I am as well, huh
  3. I know I was inactive for a while, and I have a perfectly reasonable one-word explanation. School. And my forgetful mind. That was more than a one-word explanation but moving on. I also thought it would have been hilarious if Makai was sat at the stream waiting for his friends to come back, but he needs action. And death. So yay. Also I don't want this to die andthisparagraphistoolongsoillstoptalkingnow. Makai trailed along beside his friends, remembering Rose as she had come out of cocoon... so soon... too soon. His eyes clouded with tears he had been holding back, he knew he wasn't brave, he didn't act the part, but he thought for once he could hold back the tears, what if Rose could still see them? Would she want them to cry over her? Probably not. I wouldn't. At least if I died I'd be a weight off their shoulders ... Rose was more help to them than I could ever be. He sighed and wiped some of the tears. Looking ahead at the horizon, he hoped for the best to come.
  4. wait what happened to lisa? I just checked back to 56 notifications so i have no clue what's going on ;-;
  5. "Uh, what?" Asked Flitter. "She can't understand you." Scrollkeeper told him. "I know that, I literally told that to my dad." They began arguing once more until Flitter huffed and got up. "That's it! I'm leaving!" "W-wait! Nightdreamer told us to watch the dragonet." He whipped his head back around, "Do it yourself." Flitter slammed the door behind him, causing a tapestry to fall. "Wait!" Scrollkeeper said, sitting down sadly. "Why do I always mess it up? I'm the worst friend ever!"
  6. (No idea who that is lmao, I honestly only thought of Mangoes since Rose likes em so much.) He grunted and carried you to the new room. It was much like the other one, but there were two older dragonets, they seemed a bit sad as they studied their scrolls. "Scrollkeeper, Flitter, watch this dragonet, I'm going to get Mango." Nightdreamer said, walking out the door.
  7. (Heyo, I'm back from school!) He led you into a small, isolated, room. There was a low window and a couple tapestries. There was a small nest area that was perfect for eggs, and a semi-comfey bed with a colorful blanket. "We need to stay in here now, Sharp Teeth may station another guard for you ... I'm not sure yet, just don't touch any of the tapestries." He stared at you for a moment. "I doubt you can understand a word I'm saying, dragonets ... they're adorable but so very unintelligent. Though who knows, as my son said, all of them are different. ...I'm rambling, nevermind." Suddenly another dragonet came through the door, "Flame Fooot, make Flitter stooop!" "Hello Scrollkeeper, what did he do this time?" "He TORE ONE OF MY SCROLLS," He said with tears in his eyes. "Which one?" "Gifts of the Stars." "Flitter." "It was an accident I swear!" "Flitter." "I turned and my claw was still on it and then it .." "Flitter." "Yes papa, I'm sorry." He said, turning away. "Hey Flitter, wait up, it's ok!" Scrollkeeper chased after him. Flame Foot sighed, "Kids, you have them and then you don't know why. Trouble, that's all they are." He sighed. "I'll ... be right back, please don't make a mess."
  8. The Icewing dragonet got up out of the chair and left the room, following behind an orange dragon. "Come sit young one." The black dragon said in a raspy voice, pointing to a wooden chair. "NOPE." Said Flame Foot, pulling the chair out of the way in panic. "She's a flamescales so she'd just set that up in flames." "Oh I see, this shouldn't take long." He began muttering to himself and looking you up and down. "Hmmm, I see. I see. Your name shall be Simmer, shine like the sun, young dragonet." He said, smiling at you. "Hm. Interesting. Come now Simmer," Flame Foot called, signaling for you to follow him to your new room.
  9. "Well, you have to, and once we're there I'll go get a Namer to come. I believe Mango is almost off her break." Said the other dragon. Night dreamer picked you up and carried to the room, knowing you probably wouldn't come even if he asked nicely.
  10. "Intelligent for a hatchling, I'd expect two letter words at most, hm I suppose they're all different though." Said the Sandwing dragonet. "Are you still here? Go play with Scrollkeeper or something." Said his father. "Oh yeah! We're supposed to be studying for class!! Got to got bye papa!" He said skidding down the hall. Fire Foot looked back at you, "A Namer is one of the many jobs we have, they're the ones who name the new dragonets, though the queen doesn't pay them too much. Come now, their hall is right down here." He said, turning into a small room with a dragon black as night and a white and purple-tinted dragonet. "Hello, I'm almost done with this one, please wait behind."
  11. She swam in the direction she saw it fall, wondering if there was a big enough body of water that could take her there, she was obviously too large for a small stream or river.
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