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  1. Oh ok me too even if I'm on Europe ;-;
  2. Hello, can I join or is it done now? Also is Europe or North America?
  3. I really hope she's alive and well, I hope Penny is too, I miss her so so so much❤️
  4. Night


    Shadow Night >:) Darkness
  5. Night


    Henloooo, I just joined da website, it's so fun! I'll say my name for any fren requests UwU
  6. Night


    I can't exactly share pics but I had a litter of kittens and my colony was named Tree colony, my hardest seasonal game for me was of autumn, I don't play it much now, but I had some fun in the gold times
  7. No really I mis her so much I wish she was back, she made me smile everyday and i literally watched Adam's quest for 3 times,thinking about a fourth time
  8. Well almost a year gone now, I miss her much, she made me smile everyday and her storytelling was amazing, as well as her tactics
  9. Up voted! This is amazing, I always wanted creatures to remain wherr I put them in the fam tree it was so annoying when I had to to everything again ;-;
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