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  1. I'll try to post more images here! I'm currently on the jungle gate with no access at all to lean body, so it's going to be a while for me to change islands again. This is a very cool challenge!
  2. I know it has passed quite some time since this was posted but. I love this! I'm not going to make a playthrough but you can see how I'm going here.
  3. I'm so excited! It was so fun being a tester! I wish you all luck! ❤
  4. Wth happened to the title
  5. Actually- did I just share the Spanish version of the channel-
  6. They post videos every couple days and they're packed with cool facts!(mostly about nature) https://youtube.com/c/WATOP_VIDEO (Edit because I accidentally shared the Spanish version)
  7. That's so beautiful! You're improving so fast!
  8. This sounds really cool! Maybe I could give a few ideas, I can also draw some art if you want to. Name for the Game: Paths Maybe the spirits are trapped in the world because they can't choose a path to move on. So they can become either aggressive, depressive or confused. The character can help the spirits by watching their past lives and show the different paths they can take.
  9. Last Update: I am closing the doc. I have been slowing down more and more every day. And so I think I need a break. A long one. I'll be focusing on my mental health and grades now. And I am deleting the map because. idk. Someone might steal it and claim it is theirs. Goodbye to all for now. Thanks for your support. ❤️
  10. I do. Really cool and sad ending. New book coming next month as well. Pretty excited.
  11. Oh... I've just realized this was 2 years ago. Time flies
  12. The Summer King chronicles: Yes! I loved it. Watership down: No, but I've watched episodes on Netflix, may read it someday WoF: Absolutely, pretty cool as well. Warriors: Yeah. Survivors: One of my favourite series! I didn't expect it to be at all. Seekers: Yeah, too much traveling but still good and entertaining. Bravelands: Yes, the ending was the saddest ever but it was amazing. Owls of Ga'hoole: Nah not really. Maybe one day. Wolves of Beyond: It was good I guess. Bambi: I expect it to be like Disney's movie. But no. The Wolf Chronicles: Never heard of it, may try it out. Foxcraft: Yeah! Cool lore and stuff The Guardian Herd: Yes. Tailchaser's song: Yeah, good old story Firebringer: I've just read it a few weeks ago, fire wasn't a big part of the story though, kinda disappointing. The Sight and Fell: No, but I plan to do it this summer Ratha's Creature: Yeah. Glad there weren't any humans. Kimba: Nah. Recommended books: Sword bird, not the best but it was fine. The Lost Rainforest. Spirit animals( Even though the main characters are humans, it still has a very good story, check it out) Silverwing(about bats, has four or three books, the last one is the most interesting for me. In the first and second book it may seem that it's directing towards humans, but it takes a turn) Bears of the Ice, from the author that made Wolves of Beyond and Guardians of Ga'hoole. The Last Dogs, may not be the best as it kind of has to do with humans, but I'd try it out. I'd really like lions as POVs as well as cats, but I have Warrior so I guess it's enough( I'm also trying to write a series rn, it's going slow but you can read a couple of chapters if you'd like) Overused? I really don't know, but I'd say wolves . Underused? Almost every animal. Types of plots? Anything that tells the story well enough.
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