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  1. This is actually a really good idea! Thank you for the name generators and the reverse word dictionary!
  2. The Nicheyenas - Lean yet powerful. These nichelings are highly hybridized with bearyenas, having many of their traits such as their sharp claws and urge to eat meat. They have grown conspicuous with their yellow and tan coloration, having no need to hide from predators. But as they make it into the Archipelago, it becomes clear that these nichelings are not suited for the waters. Their strength could not save them from flailing around in the Archipelago's tides. The Tropicals - With less prey to go around and a more peaceful environment. The Tropicals became less fierce than their ancestors. They have become colorful, with red, orange, and yellow fur reminiscent of Adam. They have also grown larger to soak in the water and have gained running legs. While not truly aquatic, they can travel from island to island. Derp snouts have become common in these nichelings, and a new discovery, the Purr Snout, has allowed for healing to occur. Ironically enough, many of the Tropicals were sick and often got injured due to going in the water so much.
  3. The Viciouslings - Coming off of a cache of food the Amazons gathered, these nichelings evolved by starting to breed with bearyenas. Sharp claws, big bodies, and a predatory nature soon entered. They hunted their food, fiercely attacking any opposition in their way. They lived on a small strip of land and started to gain more brown and yellow colors. They had to deal with rogue males, but they were very much capable of fighting back. This is the first generation of nichelings to start gathering nuts.
  4. Hello there. My name is Sparklepop. I used to be on these Forums about a year ago but have since left. I have come back to play Niche, however, and while I'm not making any playthroughs, I have been trying to go through Story Mode. Here is what I got so far. Adam's Original Family - Adam, along with his mate Eve, had multiple children with one another, three in total (the last one was not yet born at the time of this picture). These nichelings had great camouflage, high speed, and large bodies. They were mostly frugivorous but occasionally ate meat. The Hungry Generation - The Hungry Generation was known not only for the fact that many nichelings were found, such as Nunu (brown spots) and Lurta (scorpion tail), but also because many nichelings were born during this time despite the lack of food. These nichelings were more diverse with a wider range of patterns. They had pink or tan fur, as well as frailer bodies. The first twins, Donkirduk (heat body) and Misi (yellow eyes) were born this generation. (The cream nicheling is Adam and Eve's last child!) The Savanna Nichelings - Like the Hungry Generation, these nichelings did not have a lot of food. Unlike them, their bodies had become even frailer and wracked with illness. Their coloration was very pale and they were plagued by a crunch in numbers. This is also when wings were first discovered, and the generation when Home Island Immunity ended. The Amazons - The numbers of the nichelings got smaller and smaller with illness and a lack of findable males, resulting in a large number of females. These nichelings were getting stronger but still struggled against predators. Their bodies were pale tans and beiges, with a few exceptions. Desperation caused these nichelings to start eating more poisonous foods and they relied on the healing fruit. This is when the first Melanistic nicheling, Toni, was born. Toni was of vital importance, being one of the few males and one of the few nichelings who could successfully eat toxic berries.
  5. You're willing to have any kind of nicheling, welp, I guess I'll generate you one. Here is your nicheling, @bli. You change anything you want about her. Name: Mylie Sex: Female Ears: Medium Ears/Medium Ears Horns: Ram Horns/Antennae Eyes: Shortsighted Eyes/Blind Head: Platypus Beak/Platypus Beak Body: Water Body/Big Body Paws: Velvet Paw/Velvet Paw Hind Legs: Hind Legs/Hind Legs Tail: Medium Tail/Scorpion Tail Albinism: No Albinism/Albinism Melanism: No Melanism/No Melanism Fur: Chestnut Brown/Moss Brown Eyes: Yellow/Blue Horn Coloration: Black/Black Pattern Coloration: Black/Black Patterning: No Pattern/Dots Pattern Shape: Pattern Shape B/Pattern Shape B Pattern Size: Tiny Pattern/Big Pattern Pattern Density: Pattern Density Very Thick/Pattern Density Very Thick Blood Clotting: Normal Blood Clotting/Normal Blood Clotting Fertility: Low Fertility/Normal Fertility Immunity: A/I
  6. You may or may not know, but I have just canceled by RP group, The Hunted. I know it hasn't started, and I know it has been up there for a long time, but since I'm going to college. I don't think I can run an RP group. Still, I wanted to give the members something, so I decided to make y'all a free nicheling! The nicheling can look like anything you want, and I will give you not only their appearance, but also their genes. @PincerClaw420 @bli @A Nicheling @Quaitail @Cloudscape -Any Pronouns- @Star Starless @Iono I'll give you all a nicheling design.
  7. Hello again. Thank you for being there, but I'm afraid to inform you that The Hunted is cancelled. I was hoping to run this some time in the spring or in the summer, but I waited so long that I'm just three days away from entering College. I take my work very seriously, and I don't think I can run an RP group at the same time, especially since this is my first RP group. I never wanted to waste your time, but life is about to get busy very soon. Not everything will be sad, however. When I get less busy, and perhaps even next year, I might reopen The Hunted. As a token of apology, I will give everyone who has joined The Hunted a free nicheling of their choice.
  8. Hello there. While we were hoping for more individuals to get invitations, the Portal of Roots is going to close in about 48 hours. Any last signups must be made before August 19th at 1:00 PM. Come in, and get yourselves ready to have some fun!
  9. Hello there, Sky. I messaged you a while back about the Hunted and I was curious if you are still interested in joining or not. It's okay if you're too busy, but I needed to check in on you to see what you were doing at the moment. Here is the link if you are still curious.


    1. Sky


      Sorry I didn't respond! No, I'm sorry, I'm not interested. It looks really fun but I haven't been much into Niche lately. I hope you get enough people to play well!

    2. ChangingSparks


      Alright, just checking. I'm glad that you responded, though.,

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