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  1. Hello there, Sky. I messaged you a while back about the Hunted and I was curious if you are still interested in joining or not. It's okay if you're too busy, but I needed to check in on you to see what you were doing at the moment. Here is the link if you are still curious.


    1. Sky


      Sorry I didn't respond! No, I'm sorry, I'm not interested. It looks really fun but I haven't been much into Niche lately. I hope you get enough people to play well!

    2. Sparklepop


      Alright, just checking. I'm glad that you responded, though.,

  2. The nichelings decide to travel towards the river, gathering berries as their bodies grow. Kaboya and Growler embrace once again, and soon enough, the spotted nicheling became pregnant with her second child. Unfortunately, she had trouble finding the nest that she once laid in, resulting in her and Growler searching for a place they could raise their child. Thankfully, Corn found a nest right next to the river. It is a bit far from the trees and the groves of the meadow, but it serves as a suitable home for the skulk. Because of this, both Corn and Jiki decide to make their territory here and think about their next steps as an organized group. First things first, however, they need to think of a name. As they were discussing the future of their skulk, however. A stranger came. It was a male. An individual with a spiky body and nimble paws. He had a crooked snout and rounded ears similar to Kaboya. His pelt was black with large brown splotches, and he had black eyes. His mane was long and thick and he had a gentle smile. “Hello there. Is this territory taken?” The spiky male asked. “Yes, and I would advise you not to bother us unless you have an interest in joining.” Jiki said, a bit of a growl in her voice. “Shush, shush.” The male said, “Let me think about it.” The male stood for a long period of time, placing one of his paws on his muzzle. “Hmmm… I’ll bite.” “Good. Because if you didn’t, we would have run you off.” Jiki stated. “Jiki, please…” Corn nervously said. “I get it. It’s join or die, but trust me, I’ve got skills.” The male said. “Uhhh, okay.” Corn quietly said, “What’s your name?” “Fiiho. My name is Fiiho.” The dark-colored male responded. “Fiiho? Well, uhhh… I’m Corn, and this is Jiki.” Corn told Fiiho, pointing at the brown-and-orange female when introducing her. “Jiki?” Fiiho asked, his head cocking. “What?” Jiki said in confusion. “I was just surprised to see someone with the same blood as I.” Fiiho spoke, brushing off the comment. Jiki gave a suspicious look as Fiiho entered the skulk, but continued to prepare the nest for her mother. Eventually, Kaboya and Fiiho met, and were surprised by their similarities. They were unsure if they were related or not, but they were definitely of the same bloodline. Of course, this prompted Kaboya to ask questions about their past. Fiiho seemed to know something, but was evasive towards them. Despite this, he still proved to be a kind-hearted individual and mostly stayed in the background. Kaboya soon gave birth to their second child, another daughter. She was very distinctive in appearance. She had a bright purple body with blonde stripes, delicate paws, a crooked snout similar to her mother’s, a scaly tail, and a pair of warm brown eyes. Kaboya gave her the name Magaf, ‘purple’. After Magaf’s birth, the newly-forming skulk dubbed themselves the Earthsoaked, for not only did they have dark, muddy markings, but they were also situated next to a river. Growler, Corn, and Jiki discover another permanent nest next to the river. They clear it out and continue to gather berries for their little skulk. Growler is starting to get tired, however, and does not have much energy left in him. He soon retires from gathering and spends the rest of his days with his friends and family. As he lays down at his home, however, he is soon approached by Magaf. The young nicheling gives Growler a look. A pair of brown eyes staring at his own. “Magaf?” Growler quietly said, seeing the bright purple nicheling next to him. “Dad! Can I talk to you for a minute?” Magaf asked. Growler sighed, “Sure. Make it quick, though, I am not going to be here forever.” Magaf smiled, giving a toothy smile. “Thank you!” The bright purple nicheling gave a deep breath, and then started to spill his feelings. They swelled up in his little heart, his scaly tail laying next to him. He had always known he was different. Perhaps, it was his bright purple coat that made him untouchable, or the scales that greew on his tail. But Magaf felt isolated, strange, and alien in his body. He had told his parents and his big sister about it, but he had just assumed it was something he could get over. It soon became apparent he could, not however. So, he decided to tell the only other male in his family, Growler. “Dad…” Magaf said, “I think I’m a boy nicheling.” Growler cocked his head in confusion, “A boy nicheling?” “Yeah. A boy nicheling. Like how mom isn’t always a girl.” Magaf told his dad, hoping that he would understand. “Hmmph. If that is how you feel, then that is who you are.” Growler told his son, “Don’t let your body get in the way of that.” “So, I really am a boy then?” Magaf confusedly said, not fully getting what Growler had told him. “I am a tod. I have felt that way for my entire life, and that is who I am. That is how I think of myself, and I am proud of that fact. How you think of yourself depends on who you are. If you feel that you are a tod. Then you are a tod. You may not have a mane, but being male is not about having a mane. It’s about feeling masculine.” Magaf thought about it. He wondered if he was being hasty in his decision, but the feeling had always been there. It persisted even as he started to grow older and would not go away. It was hard to see at first, but deep down, Magaf knew he was a boy nicheling. “You’re right dad. I am a boy nicheling, and I’m going to be proud of that when I get as big as you!” Magaf told Growler with a smile. “Make sure you get some ladies while you’re at it.” Growler smiled, giving a wink as he walked back to the nest. “I will!” Magaf shouted. And so, Magaf found himself out. He told his mother and his sister, and soon became known not as a daughter and sister, but as a son and brother. He seemed much happier since that day, and as he grew into a teenager, soon learned how to hunt with his sister. As time passed, however, some of the nichelings started to grow old. Corn was starting to get up there in the years, and Growler passed away of old age. Friends and family came to his funeral, and he was mourned. With Growler’s death weighing heavily on the nichelings. Kaboya, Fiiho, Jiki, Magaf, and Corn start to make their plans. Their skulk was small, and still growing, but they had a found a home. Still, they needed to continue allow for the new generation to prosper. Magaf was young, but he alone could not carry the torch. Therefore, they started to make plans. Magaf grew into an adult, his body big, bright, and strong. He was highly intelligent and more level-headed than his mother, but didn’t have much of a filter. This put him at odds with Jiki, but the two siblings they had a friendly, albeit distant relationship. Jiki, meanwhile, fell pregnant with an unknown nicheling’s child. Kaboya wasn’t sure how they felt about this, but they stayed by their daughter’s side and allowed for the brown and orange nicheling to await for whatever child she would have. “Who’s the baby daddy?” Magaf curiously asked. “That does not matter. This is my child, and I will raise them.” Jiki responded to the bright purple nicheling. “Okay, jeez. I was just asking.” Magaf said, a bit annoyed at her response. Jiki just rolled her eyes. Soon, she gave birth to her daughter. She was a tiny nicheling with strong jaws. A pair of black eyes framing her face and gentle paws lifting up her light brown body. She had the coloration of her mother, but there were certain factors that made it obvious who her father was. Jiki did not say a word about it, and gave her daughter the name Inya, ‘nut’. As the nichelings were celebrating the new birth, however, Fiiho had left into the grass. Within the grass, he saw a strange female. A yellow-and-orange nicheling with nimble fingers, medium-length fur, and a pair of black eyes. She looked somewhat similar to Corn, though it was clear she was in far worse condition than he was. So, he decided to talk to her, his voice softly entering her ear. “Hello there. Who are you?” Fiiho asked the strange nicheling. She turned around, her dark eyes looking at his. “Oh, little ol’ me? My name is (cough) Quinoa.” “Hello Quinoa. My name is Fiiho. What are you doing at the moment?” Fiiho asked Quinoa. Quinoa loudly coughed, covering her mouth with her paws. “I-I don’t have a home. I’ve just been travellin’, ya know.” “So you don’t have a territory, then?” Fiiho replied. “No (cough), no territory. A sick nicheling’s no good to most skulks.” Quinoa sadly stated, “But that’s alright! I’m good at livin’ alone.” Fiiho felt a bad for the female, having to live all by her lonesome. “Well, do you want to join a skulk?” He asked. Quinoa nodded in excitement, “Yes! I would love to have that opportunity” “Then welcome to the Earthsoaked, Quinoa.” Fiiho told her, welcoming the yellow-and-orange nicheling. She gave a large grin, and soon, they started to make their way back south. They ended up discovering yet another nest in the process, and Quinoa soon met with the other nichelings. The others befriended her and she met with little Inya, who played with her. Their group was growing, and they were happier than ever. This would bring with it even more wanderers. One of these nichelings was a spotted russet-and-yellow tod by the name of Sunburn. He was a thrill-seeker and was highly imaginative, but rarely lost his cool. Because of this, he found himself company to calmer nichelings such as Magaf and Fiiho. Soon, the Skulk continued to grow and Inya started to get bigger and bigger. Sadly, however. Corn passed away from his advancing age. It was obvious that he was getting weaker, but his death was still a tragic occurrence in the skulk. They had to move on, however, and soon started to clear out more of the territory. They continued to collect twigs and had more delicious berries. They seemed to have started to form traditions and were now becoming a skulk of their own. Inya would continue to grow within the borders of the skulk, and like Magaf, would start to explore their identity. They would realize that they were not particularly feminine, and soon started to go under gender neutral pronouns. Romances would also start to bloom as the skulk grew larger. As the skulk continued to build, however, they had many thoughts on their mind. How would they distinguish themselves? How would the Earthsoaked go on through the generations? What would happen now? They were unsure, but the future was looking bright. I ended up getting a lot of wanderers! To be honest, I’m pretty happy about that because it means that I can have more unique genes spread out throughout the skulk. Also, they have a name now! Besides that, I’ll tell you a few things about this. I am using fox terms to describe the nichelings, hence ‘tods’, ‘skulks’ etc. I am also pro-LGBT+. Yes, there are transgender and nonbinary nichelings in this. Magaf was born female and transitioned to male, Inya identifies more on the nonbinary spectrum, and Kaboya is a demigirl. I myself am not a part of the LGBT community, so I might not write LGBT characters well, but I’m trying. That’s all I really have to say. Nichelings. I hope you like nichelings. Kaboya She/they, bisexual. 54 days old. Jiki and Magaf’s Dam. Origin: Starter. Jiki She/her, homosexual. 37 days old. Daughter of Kaboya and Growler. Inya’s Dam. Origin: Nammu Haven (Born). Magaf He/him, heterosexual. 16 days old. Son of Kaboya and Growler. Origin: Nammu Haven (Born). Fiiho He/him, heterosexual 51 days old. Origin: Nammu Haven (Wanderer). Inya They/them, androsexual. 5 days old. Child of Jiki and Corn. Origin: Nammu Haven (Born). Quinoa She/her, heterosexual. 57 days old. Origin: Nammu Haven (Wanderer). Sunburn He/him, heterosexual. 53 days old. Origin: Nammu Haven (Wanderer).
  3. Hello there, and welcome back. My name is Sparklepop. You may or may not know me, but I have been on the Niche Forums for about two years now. I have made a couple of playthroughs in the past, but the only thing that I have uploaded in a long time is an RP that’s not getting off the ground. That will change today, for I have decided to jump back into the swing of things with Nammu Haven! Now Nammu Haven may not look like much, at first, but it is a place full of potential. A place where I can start my playthrough and make a new beginning. The settings are 2/3/3/80 with a pregnancy setting of 3 and damage settings of 2/2/2/2. I will starting with a singular, completely random teenage nicheling and will have 0 food and 0 nesting material. Thankfully, I’ll be starting on the island of Peaceful Meadow, a place that does not have many threats. The only question is, will the nicheling be able to survive, or will they be killed? Nammu Haven. A gentle garden of grass, tropical trees, and sand. It is a place where the tides crash and a place where new beginnings are born. For this nicheling, however. Life is cruel. She has landed onto the grass with a horrible headache, her brown-and-orange fur covered in seaweed. She is hungering for some food, but it is out of reach. She crawls up the hill, gathering the berries from its grasp. They then hop down and feel their large body growing, a thick mane surrounding their neck. They carry the berries with them to the mainland, and soon find their first prey, a stagmole. Kaboya kills it, and eats it meat. When she made it onto the mainland, it was at first difficult to find food. When the rain fell on top of Kaboya’s thick fur, however, she soon found that there were berries. The velvet-pawed nicheling collected them, but would soon meet a guest. The bear of Nammu Haven was a large creature. Armed with claws and teeth, but it was peaceful in nature, merely laying near Kaboya as she gathered her berries. The bear wants sticks, however, and growls towards Kaboya to get some. She agrees, and starts to pick up the grass. She finds a few bits of grass, but suddenly, Kaboya herself approached by a soaking stranger. A fluffy, ruddy-and-brown stranger. The nicheling appeared to be a male, sporting a thick red mane around his head. His eyes were a warm brown like their own, and his paws were slightly hardier than theirs. What was most striking about the nicheling, however, was the massive tail that he had. Kaboya couldn’t help but to stare at him, but was unsure if they had enough food to invite him. “Who, w-who are you?” Kaboya asks the older stranger. “Pfff, me!? Oh, only a wanderer.” The stranger told Kaboya in a snarky voice. “Oh, okay.” Kaboya sighed, “What do you need?” “I need those rabbils, thank you very much.” He huffed, “And you, you are in the way.” Kaboya made a sad expression, “Sorry. I will try not to bother you. But I need a favor.” “And what might that be?” The stranger pulled his short snout up. “Just a bit of your l-love.” Kaboya nervously stated. “Your ‘love’? That will be fine, but make it quick.” The fan-tailed male told Kaboya. The male continues to stay in the territory, gathering not only the berries, but also hunting the rabbils. Kaboya learns that his name is Growler, and he becomes a prominent presence in her life. The brown-and-orange nicheling was pregnant, however, and soon needed to find a nest. She had no idea how the child would turn her, all of her wandering making her stressed, but after navigating the great oak tree and the stagmole holes, Kaboya finds a small nest that she can call home. They know that they still must gather sticks for the bear, but they are content in their current position. Soon, Kaboya gives birth to her daughter. A large and bulky nicheling just like herself. The nicheling looks a lot of Kaboya themselves, but has a band of orange stripes and an unusually long snout. Because of this, they give their daughter the name “Jiki”, the word in their language that means “nose”. Now, they were caring for two. Of course, Kaboya still had to deal with the peaceful bear’s need for sticks and the presence of Growler, but she managed to find another berry bush and gathered more grass. Soon enough, Jiki grew into a teenager and started to collect her own food. She soon kills her first stagmole. As they continue to explore further into the meadow, Jiki starts to become stronger. She starts to sniff out more berry bushes as the rain falls, and soon grows into her own as an adult nicheling. She uses her velvety paws to collect berries, and gains a forceful personality. She is strong and fierce, not having the shy and gentle personality her mother had. “We have a lot of food.” Kaboya noted, “D-do you think we should find more nichelings?” “As long as they aren’t a threat, mum.” Jiki blunted said. “Alright. Well, I know a nicheling that lives near the coast.” Kaboya quietly said. “Growler…” “Growler? The nicheling you lived around back when I was a child?” Jiki asked. “Y-yes. Growler, your sire.” Kaboya told Jiki. “Growler. Come on, he should be around the coast.” Jiki noted. Kaboya nodded, and soon started to make their way south. Kaboya and Jiki ate a rabbil on their way to the coast, and soon enough, found the fan-tailed nicheling. He was preening himself on the sand. His red-and-brown visage once again attaching Kaboya’s eyes. “G-Growler, you…” Kaboya stuttered. “Do you want another favor?” Growler stated, “Or are you just here to bother me?” “Well, Growler. I was hoping that you join my daughter and I.” Kaboya shyly said, “We would work b-better as a team.” “Is that it, Kaboya? You want another member in your skulk? Or is it something else?” He purred. “J-just another member!” Kaboya stuttered, “I swear.” “Okay, okay.” Growler huffed, arrogant as ever, “But don’t get into a twist when you feel the pressure.” Kaboya and Growler continued to talk, making Jiki gag every time they did it. The two soon entered into the groves together, while Jiki looked around the oak tree. She could not gather the nuts around there, but she could at least find more prey and berries for the small nicheling skulk. Soon enough, however, Jiki would go by the shore and find a skinny, bright yellow nicheling. He was a couple of years younger than Growler, but still far older than either her or Kaboya. He had a short, gray mane growing from his head, delicate paws, and a fluffy tail like her own. He also shared the same snout she did, yet they were framed with black eyes instead of her brown. “Who are you?” Jiki asked the stranger, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. The stranger turned around, his yellow ears narrowing. “Uhhh… Corn?” “Corn? Is that your name?” Jiki responded to Corn’s question. “Yeah. Corn.” He told her. “What’s your name?” “My name is Jiki, and I demand that you get off my territory.” She suddenly said. “Ohhh… Uhhh… Can I stay?” Corn nervously said to the large nicheling. “This our territory, Corn. So you can either join us or leave.” Jiki said, her eyes continuing to look straight into Corn’s own. “Uhhh… Okay. I’ll join your skulk.” Corn responded, coming out of the water and following Jiki as she led the nicheling to her parents. Soon enough, Corn became a part of the small group and helped to gather both prey and berries. His shortsighted eyes made it difficult to determine where he was going, but his sharp nose and speed nevertheless made him an adept member of the skulk. In the meantime, Kaboya and Growler officially became mates. Jiki and Corn saw them embrace each other, and seemed very happy. The future was unknown for the small group, but they seemed to be thriving within the grasses. They had gathered enough grass to satiate the peaceful bear, and were now living amongst the holes and the berries. The meadow was full of surprises, but the nichelings were living in relative peace. There’s not too much plot in this playthrough, since it’s the first playthrough I’ve done in a while, but hopefully, it will suffice. I was pretty lucky encountering a compatible male so early in the game, but I’m still a bit nervous about tribe diversity. Besides that, there aren’t too many predators to worry about. Right now, I’ll probably just keep feeding the nichelings and allowing them to breed. Kaboya She/they, bisexual. 33 days old. Jiki’s Dam. Origin: Starter. Growler He/him, heterosexual. 77 days old. Jiki’s Sire. Origin: Nammu Haven (Wanderer). Jiki She/her, homosexual. 16 days old. Daughter of Kaboya and Growler. Origin: Nammu Haven (Born). Corn He/him, bisexual. 69 days old. Origin: Nammu Haven (Wanderer).
  4. Joined when I was seventeen. I am now nineteen. My height is around 5'03".
  5. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I don't remember you. I might be too new. I joined July 11th 2020.
  6. Tornado has reserved a spot for The Hunted. Expect a new guest to come through the Portal of Roots soon!
  7. I'd imagine Nonerovan would look something like this? (I made him solid yellow, since no markings were stated).


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      A Nicheling

      Sure, thanks!

  8. I'm a busy right now with something else, but you're accepted. I'll get to you fast as I can.
  9. ~Still Open~ If anyone is curious. I still need five more members.
  10. Here is the challenge I made back in January. The full ruleset is in the link.
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