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  1. Wow, Common's so naΓ―ve and innocent. That's not going to bode well with two nichelings with anger issues and one who is clearly in it for themselves. Hopefully they'll learn that the world is not all sunshine and butterflies without losing their optimism. Trickery is also pretty smart. Outrage and Sanity clearly have some anger issues and cannot fully cooperate, but Trickery is pragmatic and seems to be a team player. I just hope they can deal with Outrage's aggression and Sanity's well, issues. I don't know much about Ambition yet, since they seem to be a bit in the background. But they seem confident. (I feel bad for that orange nicheling, but they really don't have much of a use. All of the characters are biologically female and could therefore not breed with her. Common already fills the niche of a moderate, speedy nicheling, and she doesn't add any new benefits to the tribe. Still sad that she died so early, though).
  2. I'm liking the story and characters so far, but I got a few questions. Common is genderfluid and the rest are nonbinary, right? I just need to make sure so I don't misgender them in later comments.
  3. Oh, this looks interesting. A lot of things are already left hidden about the characters and settings. I mean, just how were the nichelings created? How do they feel about their current situation? And what even defines 'good' and 'evil' when some nichelings are nothing but negative traits and others nothing but positive traits? I hope to see how this turns out...
  4. I mean they're called 'baby' and 'child' in the game, but I'm not completely sure. I generally just use generic terms to describe young nichelings.
  5. I'm just curious about which one you prefer.
  6. Wow! You have 20+ playthroughs! It's hard enough for me to focus on 1-2 playthroughs. I mean, Among Niche is quite complicated, and Lost and Found is easier, but can still be a bit hard.
  7. Short snout is not useless. It is just the most 'basic'. It still gets +2 smelling, so there is an evolutionary/gameplay purpose for it.
  8. Short snout is supposed to be the basic snout gene, so I think it's intentional that it's the weakest one.
  9. As it turns out, I'm an aquatic nicheling!
  10. They're their own species. Nicheling.
  11. Among Niche has officially been uploaded! To see more content from it, go to the Among Niche page!
  12. We're almost ready to embark! Only one crewmate's design is left to be created!
  13. Exam week has started, so I might be a little busy. Just saying.
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