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  1. I feel like my last post was too short... I hope you like it..
  2. It had been a day since Bristle was killed, and every nicheling on the island was at edge. They had calmed down enough to start talking to each other casually, but they were still tense around each other. Nevertheless, there were repairs that needed to be done, so Dall had packed up her stuff and moved into the Storage Room. She was never one to be hard-working, but she had been gone for a very long time, so she started to open up the small boxes besides her and organized each object by their shape and size. Within her curved ears, she heard the sound of a loud voice screaming, and a quieter,
  3. An Emergency Meeting has just been called amongst the crew of Polial Isle. All eight remaining nichelings gather around an urbanized tree stump that had grown next to the Cold Path, their minds racing on the possibilities of what happened to Bristle as they awaited the person who would speak first. Panther gave a concerned look over the entirety of the crew, his mane messier than usual due to the rush he was in to get there in the first place. “I have called all of you here for one reason and one reason alone! To determine which one of us has killed Bristle!” Panther announced. “I
  4. They're their own species. Nicheling.
  5. My schooling is coming up. So if I don't upload as much, that's why.
  6. “Rise and shine, tuh-tun!” Pinecone rolled out of his bed, startled at the sudden voice he heard in his ears. Pinecone started to get up, his fur ragged and his body dressed in gray pajamas covered yellow stripes. He soon started to fold the collar on his pajamas and adjusted the sleeves on his arms before starting to face towards Panther, who was waiting in anticipation. Panther gave a bright, toothless smile that freaked Pinecone out a little. He knew that Panther was not usually this friendly towards him, but he also knew that Panther could switch emotions on a dime, so he had t
  7. The Official Niche Timeline 1368-1443: A young nicheling named Iris lands on the island of Deeparc, forming a tribe nicknamed the ‘Gazelle Tribe’ that spreads across Deeparc until their destruction at the hands of bearyenas. (The Gazelle Tribe - A Challenge for Everybody!) 1733: Nichelings become advanced enough to form full-blown societies. 2130: A group of nichelings part of Permafrost form a base on their home island, Polial Isle. 2148: The Permafrost nicheling crew go to Florshore Isle, unwittingly picking up a virus that infects two of their crewmates. 2148
  8. Every single one of my Niche stories/playthroughs, all listed in one spot. Current Playthroughs Among Niche A Story-Based Crossover of Among Us and Niche, played out by the latter. Returning back to their homeland after an expedition to a mysterious island, nine nichelings plan for the vacation of their life after successfully discovering various specimens they have gathered. As they start to settle back down, however, things start to go terribly wrong. The systems stop working, and people start to drop like flies. But who could be behind such a catastrophe? In this
  9. She held the gas tank up to the pump, pouring the gasoline into the tank and placing it on the hard, metallic ground. Between her and Ruby, Dall started to walk in, carefully adjusting her body and starting to fill up a tank of her own. Ruby was annoyed at the prospect of someone butting into her work, but Bristle saw this as an opportunity for cooperation. She knew that it was important for the team to get along, and hanging out with each other would be the best way for them to bond after their journey back to Polial Isle. Bristle, however, was more concentrated on fixing up her h
  10. Yes, I know of your run's existence. I have to say its pretty nice. I'm glad you like Among Niche so far. There will be more, but it takes a while to write these chapters. Who's your favorite character so far? Who do you think will make it?
  11. Near the sight of four nichelings, an icy path gleamed in the sunlight, cracks in the ice signifying the path that the other members of the crew have made. Climbing out of the boat, a spined brown-and-cream nicheling and a large, furry brown nicheling placed their feet onto the ground. Looking over the land they called home, the two of them approached the greenery that lied beyond them, the remaining females on the boat got off as well, gracefully landing right behind the two males that were in front of them. The rose-furred creature and her brown companion soon started to walk beh
  12. Crewmate There are two impostors among us. Round 1 Today was a bright day. The sun shined with a glare illuminating the fur of the nichelings on board, and a cold breeze rushed through the sky, startling anyone who was not used to the bite of the wind that Polial Isle brought with it. But while the weather was harsh to those who never lived on the mountain island, it was a warm welcome to the crew who had recently returned from the tidal lands of Florshore. The crew had been inside of their boats for days, each one of them uncomfortable as they tried to fit th
  13. Among Niche has officially been uploaded! To see more content from it, go to the Among Niche page!
  14. Welcome to my second (major) Niche story, Among Niche! It is a crossover between Among Us and Niche that will involve a lot of writing and the use of the console. It’s a weird kind of run, but it’s something I want to do. But before I start, I’ll show you not only the map of the island, but also some character sheets! This is the island that the characters live in, it is quite a bit more urban-looking than this, but this is the basic structure of it. The ‘Emergency Meeting’ button is the stump is located in the Storage Room and can be used if one of the nichelings
  15. We're almost ready to embark! Only one crewmate's design is left to be created!
  16. Exam week has started, so I might be a little busy. Just saying.
  17. If you're wondering why it's taking so long... I'm making short bios for each of the characters. This will be more developed than my last run.
  18. Should I make a new run based on Among Us?
  19. Original ~~~~ -Like Hawk’s ears, Ghost’s ears are very large and similar to a fennec fox’s. This not only helps him hear better, but also allows him to cool down when the day gets hot. -Eyes are a very dull blue, but what is most unique about them are the fact his sclera are black instead of the typical white. This unique mutation doesn’t do anything, but it does make him stand out from the crowd. -Ghost’s snout is short and rounded. It is very similar to Hawk’s, but with a rounder, flatter nose. His teeth and tongue are also very similar to Hawk’s, as the both of the
  20. It's okay. I keep my pronouns on the down-low to stay anonymous.
  21. Now now, while this is true, isn't sometimes the most obvious disguise the best one? Still, you have convinced me to give you a second chance. @Lilyturf and @Sparklepop, what do you have to say for yourself? What I have to say is that no I have no idea who MEATYPOLTERGEIST69 is or why we're trying to figure out their identity, but I can safely assure you this is my only account. -For one, I don't follow anyone at the moment. -Our typing styles seem to be different. -And for another, I do actually use a certain set of pronouns (she/her)
  22. Original ~~~~ -Ears are very large and similar to a fennec fox’s. Hawk’s hearing is his primary sense. -Eyes are a dull, dark green, with Hawk himself being fairly nearsighted. His sense of smell and hearing are stronger than his sense of sight. -Hawk’s snout is similar to Shingle’s, but is slightly longer in length. His teeth are similar to a fox’s, very sharp and pointed, while his tongue is thin and long. -Hawk’s body consists of two different kinds of fur. There is his ‘primary’ fur, which is brown in color and rough in texture, and his ‘secondary’ fur, or ma
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