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  1. Auto Cannons!AutoCannon.drn A cool Concept of Pew and big explosions. Also a test of reducing recoil by spreading it out between shots and using springs.
  2. I did some testing using the hard difficulty enemies and Proton MK1 was Giving my drone the most problem. Several times the Proton nearly destroyed my drone before crashing in a turn or just winning. Nani also causes problems for the front grapples which was why I added the initial boost which counters that.
  3. I want to see a different take on lava worlds, but not lava worlds, Instead a water world. Water will push blocks up depending on their mass multiplied by their area, which will be a value called d, for density. And Water Density, the water would apply force based on density, but it can only reduce or reverse the force of gravity creating buoyancy.
  4. I Open Nimbus up on Steam, and I did check that I wasn't in Offline Mode. Thank You
  5. Irretio.drn <-- is the design saved as file because Nimbatus doesn't like connecting to Steam. I was testing the grapple hook in the preview, I tested it in singleplayer, sumo, race, and catch. The grapple hook is very fun to use and extremely formidable. The drone that I designed uses the grapple hook to delay the enemy, so technically it is a puller. Because Nimbatus or my internet has a problem, I can't test it against other drones that aren't the AI drones, It would be awesome to see some YouTube vids or GIFs of my creation. Also If you have solutions to my problem with Nimbatus not Connecting to Steam problem, that would be nice because it has been bugging me ever since I first played it.
  6. Scales with air resistance. Three inputs to control turn left, turn right, and return to original rotation, Max angle= -90 to 90 degrees rotation. If the sail is perpendicular to the direction of its motion, then it would provide drag. If it is parallel, then it would provide no drag at all. If the direction of its velocity intersects it but isn't parallel or perpendicular, then it would provide force left/right.
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