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  1. May I please see what this boi will become?
  2. WhoOPs, should have noticed these posts earlier. That said, the picture is working on my computer, and I assume it's working for everyone now, so I have no idea. *And then a few hours later, it's not working again and I have to fix it. Ugh.
  3. I'd suggest testing Poison Fangs and Bearyena Snout, but I'm 90% sure it has the exact same situation as the eyes.
  4. Well, looks like the situation has inverted itself with 2 females and 3 males.
  5. At some point, you were saved from this fate, or so it seems. Now it's 1 female and 2 males instead. *Edit* And then at my mention it changed to 2 females and 1 male. Well then.
  6. Here is the absolutely magnificent Sira, one of the recently passed ancestors of my absolutely massive Wild Winder tribe. I really like the way she was born with warm colors, with that splash of purple in her eyes to contrast.
  7. Because when you post late, someone's already suggested it. Eh, I would have typed far too much on the subject either way... I didn't mean to dishearten you! D: I'm just too lazy tonight I thought sending a link would be easier than typing out "Oh hey look I got something similar and I drew pictures too~!" Thing is, I like your drawing, and I also like your more detailed approach as opposed to my simple description. The idea of a stealthy poisonous savannah-dwelling creature makes a lot of sense and would also add another challenge onto an already challenging biome lol but I love a good challenge! Got it. The idea was originally going to a general concept for a vague poison menace, not something specific for Savannah or any biome, but then I went into a storm of typing. Even with how it is now, I only briefly mentioned the Savannah.
  8. Because when you post late, someone's already suggested it. Eh, I would have typed far too much on the subject either way...
  9. We have a good array of other creatures, from indomitable apes to baby stealing foxes. There are two things I think we lack in this department; any reptilian entity, and threats that could outsmart our nichelings. We have the stealth, scentless, and camouflage characteristics, and you can even see them in action with wandering creatures, but right now we scarcely have to worry about them being used against us. These facts in mind, I think that we should have some form of stealth predator, something which could harm our creatures and escape with minimal fear of retribution. Since snakes and lizards alike can be stealthy, I propose a combination creature of some form be made from them. To further emphasize the threat of this creature, I think that it would be poisonous- not especially likely to kill a given nicheling, but threatening none the less. Not only would this continue to turn tools like poison against us, but it would make some traits more useful; on some islands-including the Burning Savannah, a probable habitat for this creature- toxic berry bushes never show up, making poison resistance pointless. The Rattle Lizard- or any other poison opponent- would change that, making the resistance much more likely to save a creature's life. This would be especially true if our tribes were on an island without the healing fruit Lastly, I would like to suggest stats for any stealthy assassin creature, Rattle Lizard or not: 1 strength, 3 or 4 speed, 2 stealth, 2 scentless, 1 camouflage, and the poisonous ability. *Addition* I got a little bit enthralled by this idea, so I decided to make some art for this creature...with a program I've literally never used before.
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