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  1. Oh and I just bred my first panther Nicheling ❤️
  2. I just found this girl from the woods, her short snout and fluffy stinky tail make her an adorable princess! ❤️
  3. You’re doing great! And this is fun to read so far ^^
  4. “Wh-..but wait! I know why I’m here! I’m looking for my family.. and I was wondering if you knew where they went.. if they’re still alive..” she crouches down in fear, knowing that if the female attacks her, she’s gonna have to book it.
  5. “Please..” she whimpers with her tail between her legs, “I don’t mean any harm.. I was born around these parts and I assume my pack was still living here at the time..” “p-p-please” she stammers, “Believe my words and spare my life...” She continues her submissive behavior to see if the dog changes her mind.
  6. How is this not in game yet?? Even on the switch??
  7. I hope everyone gets a look at this and votes to make it happen! ^^
  8. Yeah I hope this is added eventually to give a whole new set to play around with!
  9. I just started playing ever since it had gotten out of Early Access, and I enjoy it so far! ^^ My adventure is just starting and there's a whole lot I can't wait to explore! ❤️
  10. Yep, this is the new game! And I'm excited to help back it in the KS ^^
  11. She thought: “I must find my old family somehow!”
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