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  1. so I have been playing on the switch and don't know how to customize gems and names, if anyone does could you please explain how to me?
  2. I just got niche on the switch but its kinda laggy, does anyone else have this issue?
  3. So I was thinking that dwarfism could be a randomly mutated gene. It would give -1 to strength and -1 to strong voice or distasteful appearance, it would give +1 to stealth and a +2 to scentless. The creature with dwarfism would be about the size a of a rabbit when its a child, it would be just big enough to avoid bluebirds when its a teen, and when its an adult it will be the size of a teen or slightly smaller.
  4. Maybe there could be an option for Eve's genetics to be randomized or parmanet.
  5. I really miss the old Eve, when they first made Eves appearance randomized it was okay because Adam was also randomized (I think he still always had fangs but that was fine) but now its just Eve. Most of the time when I want to play Adams quest I restart the game several times because I dislike Eves genetics (I like having very basic genes on starting pairs e.g runner legs, big/short snout, medium body, and swimmers tail or something like that. that why I can unlock the more useful genes later.). it also just feels weird having a Adam that will Always have the same genetics but a Eve that is different every time, Eve doesn't even feel like Eve anymore her name might as well be random every time to. Eve doesn't even need to be like the old Eve or be very basic, I just wish she had permanet genes.
  6. there could be an underwater biome, grass would be seaweed, there would be small islands with maybe a tree or berry bush that creatures could use, the leaches would spawn around the islands, there could be a underwater predator to replace the bearyanea. natural nests would look like they were made from seaweed. fish swarms would become the new bunnies. and lastly for a food source there another underwater plant they gives several berries a day. also when it doesnt rain for at least 2 1/2 weeks in a row the water starts drying up when this happens if the water around berry bushes is gone they no longer produce berries and there is no food where the water dried up. I just thought of this a few minutes ago that whys its not very fleshed out.
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