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  1. i'm playing this now ! i played yesterday afternoon and got to 72? days and the savannah, which is the furthest i've gotten yet. i had a tribe with only double berrypaws but i got overconfident and ran out of food despite it 💔 but time to try again!
  2. Sure, I'll make sure to do so! 💕
  3. returned from hiatus, i now use they/them pronouns exclusively! (i'm not super uncomfortable with she/her usually, but i much prefer they/them and i'm testing out using those only atm!!) ❤️
  4. Yep, they're both gorgeous!! That's fine, don't worry about it haha! ❤️
  5. It's the 20th in my time so I decided to get today's nicheling! He's very pretty in my opinion Also, my computer enters the time as 11/20/2021 (I disagree with this, it makes sense for the day to come first in my opinion) but using that order, this would be today's nicheling:
  6. its fine i'm even worse at writing romance lmao i'm enjoying this so far!
  7. once again i'm back from the dead

    i might post a few things

    i'm also currently trying out using only they/them pronouns so pls use those for me thanks! ❤️

    1. Modiano


      Welcome back! You should probably post your update on pronouns on the topic so that other can see it :)

    2. Speedyscout


      ty! and yep that's a good idea, i'll do so :D

  8. Hello And that's awesome! I hope you continue to enjoy it and feel free to keep posting progress here, I'd be interested to see! ^^ (I'm no longer very active here, but I was just checking in and thought I would reply! ♥)
  9. she/her, although i don't mind they/them. why were ranks removed?
  10. Don't worry, life is like that! I don't mind waiting.
  11. gamingcooigakomgcoootakijfciie AAA THE MOBILE ENTER WHHYYYYYY
  12. Yeah, Mīwa is a pretty interesting character, so I'm glad that you enjoyed reading from her POV! Mīwa may seem blindly supportive sometimes, but she isn't oblivious! So she does try and help Pipiri become a better leader sometimes. Rōre is definitely more of a threat then Pipiri seems to think.
  13. Appepperu Ppeper× Peooer5#(8+&*8835#(8:&*88&#(8+&9*(83 MOBILE 'ENTER' STRIKES AGAIN
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