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  1. Tysm! Also it's supposed to be more dog-like,,, but tbh it's not intended to be anything specific
  2. Oo looks... tricky. I won't be doing this myself but it looks interesting!
  3. I made a few! Feel free to take any of these and use them as your oc character, I just generated them so no credit needed
  4. when I saw the colony name I nearly choked– how many people here watch antscanada lmao
  5. Aaa tysm!!! I'm so glad you like him eee! ❤️
  6. Great! It's actaully nearly ready so I'll edit this when it is Edit: when I said nearly, I meant nearly lol! Here it is, with and without water versions hope you like it! ❤️
  7. @Sky Heya! I'm busy doing Foggie, and I wanted to ask if you'd mind if I did it in an experimental coloring style. If you'd prefer I didn't it's absolutely fine, and if so I'll make a version with the experimental style and one in my normal style, so just say which you prefer prefer! Heres a small sample of what the style looks like: The reason I wanted to do this is because I'm going to have him splashing in a bit of water and I think the water would look good colored like that, and then I wanted to do the whole piece in that style. But as I said please just say what you'd prefer! ❤️
  8. OMG THIS IS SO WEIRD I was literally just thinking about this like "huh, hasn't been updated recently" and then I come on here and, BOOM it's updated. Shdhsh ANywaay,, nice chapter fun yeah can't wait to see their child aaa,,
  9. AAA THANK YOUU SM ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  11. THANK YOU Great to know! I'll def. use this thread for future off-topic art then
  12. @Pancake Heya, I've (FINALLY) finished your request! Hope you like it, the body markings are different from the ones in the image since it would've taken me years to get them to look right :') so yeah, hope that's ok and here ya go!
  13. Ok so just noticed. You changed your name, at 5:55–


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