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  1. Oh and I wanted to mention - this is an echidna. They're spiky. Kinda funny that Echidna would give birth to Hedgehog, the spiky body.
  2. Part 3: Green Paradise Upon arriving on their new, small island, the Nichelings immediately began gathering food, not wanting another disaster like the Burning Savannah had been. Mongoose and Flamingo, the two eldest and being unrelated, decided to breed. Lynx, Leopard, and Echidna soon grew into adults; Echidna enjoyed gathering nuts from under a nearby nut tree, while the other two spent a lot of time digging for food, and Flamingo and Frog spent most of their time gathering berries. Soon the others formed pairs and mated as well - Leopard with Echidna, Lynx with Frog. Mongoos
  3. soo managed to get a migraine that's why i didn't add more anyway i slept for like 10 hours and i'm better now so i will add a little bit later
  4. so I played for ages and did stuff and I'm too lazy to add it now lol so I'll add more later,,,
  5. Part 2B: Those Left Behind A new birth, even as those they had left behind passed. His name was Flamingo - a funny little Nicheling, but nice enough. And the next day. Rain. The nichelings felt nothing but shame, guilt. If they hadn't been so afraid of the fire... If they hadn't fled and chosen to leave the others behind - the older nichelings might still be here. Two new births, though, distracted them. Mouse gave birth to Salamander - a smug, sarcastic female. Wren gave birth to Frog, a quirky female... The child of Bullfrog, who was now gone. Food was still a big concer
  6. Part Two: The Burning Savannah The Nichelings set out to explore their new home. Some of them get overly hot from the sun and have less energy, so they find shade under the few trees scattered through the landscape. Suddenly they are threatened by a Bearyena. However, it is soon defeated. Then Squirrel gives birth to Mouse - the first Nicheling to be born on this hostile new island. Tiger seems to take a liking to her. And then... An ominous crackling in the dry grasses... A fire has started nearby. The Nichelings panic, and begin moving quickly away from it.
  7. So I did this before but got bored. Well, now I've started over, yaay. Let's go. So, here are my founding 4. All of them where totally custom-created by me. Part One: The Whale Island They started out alone on Whale Island, and immediately began exploring and gathering food. It was soon wound that Tapir was the fastest, as the overtook the others easily. Suddenly, there were attacked by a Bearyena. They defeated it and collected the meat (well, Shark, Stag, and Viper defeated it; Tapir was fast, but could deal absolutely no damage to anything), but not before it dealt a
  8. Uh. Hi. I'm alive, I guess.

    No guarantees I'll stay. Like, probably won't be active or anything, but, I might come on a bit.

    Yeah. That. :)

  9. Hey! You're back? I've been gone for ages too, so I didn't know about it before. So, uh, this is like VERY late but welcome back! :D

    P.S: Um, if you saw that message I sent you, sorry. I wasn't thinking clearly. I apologize for that ^^'

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      I deleted most the messages so I dont remember them lol

    2. Speedyscout


      Alright lol! ^^ Again, welcome back! :D

    3. Kira.APK
  10. Tysm! Also it's supposed to be more dog-like,,, but tbh it's not intended to be anything specific
  11. Oo looks... tricky. I won't be doing this myself but it looks interesting!
  12. I made a few! Feel free to take any of these and use them as your oc character, I just generated them so no credit needed
  13. when I saw the colony name I nearly choked– how many people here watch antscanada lmao
  14. Aaa tysm!!! I'm so glad you like him eee! ❤️
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