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  1. The last few times I've tried to use a magnet to pick things up the game has crashed. My magnet is surrounded by other blocks, including plating and also some engines. Each time I've picked something up the object has touched several of these other blocks.
  2. Description It toggles skins on each part locally which can lead to problems where hitting F6 turns some off but others back on To Reproduce: 1. Add a part and give it a skin 2. Toggle the skins off 3. Duplicate the part you created in step 1 The part created in step 3 will have its skin ON, even though the rest of the drone parts have it OFF. 4. Toggle skins off and on again to see the problem
  3. For instance, if you are about to start a fetch mission and your drone doesn't have a magnet, it would be great if a window popped up saying something like "This drone is not equipped with a magnet. It may be impossible to complete the mission objectives. Are you sure you want to deploy this drone?" This would be a good way to ensure new players understand this requirement, and would also be of service to veteran players who simply forgot it was missing.
  4. It is too easy to accidentally press it, for instance if you are trying to shoot something in the bottom left hand corner. There is no confirmation dialog box either, so one accidental click forces you back to the hangar which is very annoying considering there are costs associated with returning to the planet. I think a good solution would be adding a confirmation dialogue box, and/or an option to remove the button altogether.
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