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  1. Oh, you think water is simple? I'd either be incovinient or have full on water physics
  2. This idea isn't the best as it can already be done using a few more logic parts and adds a fun challange to making auto drones
  3. I think it is any drone part which is ontop of another drone part
  4. No, because otherwise someone would drive into the core to re-power or leave a ship at base that has parts stuck into the cargo bay thusters
  5. I think that factorys should use power instead of wait time to discorage the duplicaion of large drones. This would be done by having factorys use 1 small battery's worth on anything less than 10 parts, and ramping up from there to 10 large batterys for a maximum of 100 parts. Also, the delay between duplications should be reduced to 1 second, no matter the size. Finaly, the factory should have an output when the factory has enough power for a print.
  6. I'd say that the limit per factory 100 parts
  7. This would be neat for racing, and having a few fuel tanks/batterys on your drone as indicators of how much you have left elsewere
  8. Whilst it would be a good idea, you don't need anything to comlete a mission. It's just useful
  9. 2020-09-03 14-49-00_Trim.mp4 I've made a drone that can automatically light all the fires in a "Collect the Relic" level, but how would I make it switch to picking up the relic instead of trying to shoot it? It shoots it because the fires are missions objectives as well and need to be shot to be lit.
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