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  1. For some reason my niche is missing one of its movement points he hasn’t moved nor is he sick I’m very confused
  2. If per se you want a bat I will make it I will also do challenges and really anything else so you know just come and down
  3. Well I am good at making sandbox settings so I’m happy to help you! ( I support as a kid with ADHD)
  4. A literal corgi

    Small bug

    The bat ears clip with antlers
  5. A literal corgi

    So um

    Hang in there! Type 2 runs in my family and one day I will probably get it. But don’t worry it gets better!
  6. Is this a bug or good luck?
  7. I love this idea and totally agree with the elder life stage.
  8. This would counter the realism of niche but over all I like your idea!
  9. This is amazing it will help my drowning of inbred babys relocation of blind baby’s
  10. I love this idea! It would not be super hard for the devs to implement it!
  11. Well I’m back after like five months ha. (I don’t have time to make the art rn I’m in school) this bug would be a killer, it is practically a tick, it would be like the leach and. Make hemophilia a worse gene. Like the insects that are already in the game, they will spawn from the wet tiles , they are attracted to stinky tail well I might add more idk
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