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  1. Datgurl

    Free doodle dump

    Just dump the doodles
  2. Datgurl

    Old spit snout

    I was in class and did this and itโ€™s bad and why did I post this
  3. Datgurl

    A new bug?

    im on steam btw
  4. The name of the entity would be ?. This is the worst predator in the game stats: 10 Strength. 3 Defense some of the humans are kind and can help your tribe ART bad human. Good human
  5. Datgurl

    A new bug?

    Itโ€™s happening again on my water tribe... welp
  6. Datgurl

    A new bug?

    Here! (She is sick but nothing more than a common cold from double home) everyone else has full
  7. Datgurl

    A new bug?

    No Iโ€™m not sure what was going on
  8. Hello! Features that I want to be added in niche! * Rabies. We should have rabies in niche iโ€™m not copying this idea from others, So please donโ€™t link another rabies down below. I like the idea, Once a day you will lose health, In slowly start attacking other creatures. * Mandibles. Again Iโ€™m not copying,I just like the idea!
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