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  1. I actually got a lucky run and made it to 20 generations a while after that last post! So, this challenge is doable, but it’s a whole lot harder if you get bad genes lol.
  2. I could definitely try to recreate them! If I can manage to, I’ll post pics here! Also, I will for sure be trying this challenge again at some point, and hopefully I won’t lose my saves again. QwQ
  3. What I mean is that there would be a limit to how much food you can have at once (per Nicheling) before you can’t collect any more. :3 For example, if it were set to 5, you could only collect 5 food times the number of Nichelings in the tribe. So if you had 4 Nichelings, you could collect a maximum of 20 food.
  4. I’m gonna do this and make my starters both female since they can’t mate anyway lol
  5. I regret to say that I have bad news. Niche updated and unfortunately deleted all of my saves and Sandbox settings. T^T I might start a new challenge at some point, but this one will unfortunately have to be discontinued. So sorry, everyone!! Q~Q
  6. Well crap, I've let the time slip away again. I guess that happens when you're busy with school and having family move closer. Soooo sorry for not doing this for a while! Unfortunately, I don't have time at the moment, because I have finals to study for, but hopefully I'll update this sooner than later! TwT
  7. I'm a simple person. I see lesbeans, I like. :3
  8. A few days later, Doeli is ready to have her baby. She has a baby boy named Sucho, who actually is the most skilled baby so far. Good job, Doeli! And then of course she gets pregananant again. That'll be all for now. I might play more later, but I have plans... to binge Once Upon a Time on Disney Plus. Yes, I am that much of a lazy couch potato. I will for sure remind myself to update this more, don't worry!
  9. Ok, update time!! :3 Queen Moka is ready to have her baby! She gives birth to a baby boy named Rasune. Shisata is also ready to have her child! She steals Doeli's tree nest for her baby. Doeli isn't too pleased. :'3 Shisata gives birth to a baby girl named Sakura. No, it wasn't randomly generated lol. Actually, I took syllables from both parents to make the name. Of course, both Queen Moka and Shisata immediately got pregnant again, because they have exactly enough time for one more child.
  10. Gosh, it's been a month? Already? I swear this isn't dead, I'll update very soon! I've just been very overwhelmed with school lately, and we've had family visiting a lot, so I haven't had the time to play for a while. I'll plan on updating this tomorrow (US time). :3
  11. I love this! It makes me want a version of Niche where the gameplay is actually like this, where you are running a preservation program and the Nichelings actually do things on their own and have personalities! Somebody totally needs to make this.
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