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  1. On Hard and Killer, it could affect the strength of predators too! Also, on Easy, there could be no birbs! And maybe on Hard and Killer, your Nichelings eat more than one food every day? Like 2 for Hard and 3-5 for Killer or something like that.
  2. I'M HERE! I'M HERE! Sorry, was busy with school lol. BUT I'M HERE NOW! :3 i haven't left you...
  3. That was actually terrifying. Imagine that little bab waking up to see a FREAKING BIRB FACE first thing after being born O^O the trauma
  4. I really like the "Mate Bond" idea! And, like @Applesauce said, it would prevent accidental mating.
  5. Ok, that's hilarious. She was doing what the save name told her to! Good thing the TAB button exists. I actually kinda wish I had an invisible Nicheling, lol.
  6. I had this vanishing nest problem too, and I also had permanests disabled. Maybe it's linked to that?
  7. So when you use ActivateStatusEffect Pregnant, the Nicheling gives birth to a headless white adult-sized monster that you cannot get out of the nest, and it doesn't die. Not sure why nobody has reported this, it's probably the biggest glitch in the console. Please try to fix it? It would make cheating having single Nicheling parents easier lol Edit; Ok, someone did report this glitch, I just didn't realize. The title was not clear. They also had a picture, so the problem is probably more clear there.
  8. Maybe instead of that, it could negatively effect smelling or hearing, the way that blind eyes positively effects smelling and hearing? Like, it could be 3-4 sight, but also -1 smelling and/or hearing. I don't know, just a thought. I mean, there doesn't have to be a negative effect. Big ears doesn't have any kind of negative effect, and neither does big nose.
  9. I forgot to take a couple screenshots, but we're on Tiny Green now. Doeli finds herself a new tree nest, while the others split up to find more food and nests. Finally, when Queen Moka has a few days left on her pregnancy, she finds another nest. Almost baby time!!!
  10. And we're still going... I forgot to mention, Dolur died. I didn't really want him, he wasn't very useful, so when we were low on food I had him pick from a cactus, thus killing him. Doeli really likes this tree nest, but the others remind her that they're just passing through. Tiny Green, here we come! Also, I'm sorry if I'm not really good at making stories or at least making this longer, I'm mostly just documenting my challenge attempt because I feel like it lol
  11. I actually already went to Tiny Green, but I'll probably try a jungle at some point! I played for a while and then posted it, and I haven't finished posting yet :'D
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