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  1. basically this is a world where there are vampires, vampire hunters, and werewolves. Form: Name: Age [vampires can be up to 1000 years old]: tribe: role: Ref/desc.: other: Name: Vampirebat [vire Age [vampires can be up to 1000 years old]: 400 tribe: Rain-ice role: Vampire Ref/desc.: other: Doesnt need blood to survive
  2. the art style reminds me of dragonsheep
  3. feel free to put some of your ocs on here heres some of mine:
  4. i mean the dragons are werewolves/vampires/vampire hunters. i even have a few ocs who are vampires that are also dragons
  5. hhhhhhhhh a world of dragons where some are werewolves, some are vampires, and some are vampire hunters
  6. lol what about vampire dragons??
  7. no. how do i do that TvT
  8. so uh im just in here hanging out with mah child.
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