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  1. so uh im just in here hanging out with mah child.
  2. yeah i did. also i made a game with this child in it and they ended up dying TvT
  3. im new to this but heres mine: https://dragcave.net/user/ViretheRainwing
  4. here's some bases too first one is a mathwing, second is a cowwing, and the last 3 are fnafwings if you use these please credit me. also i used blank jada bases to make these
  5. im only comfortable with sharing my singing voice because my voice can be a bit misleading when im not singing. Bad Child - Cover.mp3
  6. Zero walked around looking for something to hunt
  7. Species: Spinosaurous Gender: F Name: Zero Territory broadleaf forest:
  8. my fantribe: [izuku is my fandom account name] -more coming soon- these are free to use just plz dont remone my watermark
  9. i think you can??? but idk edit: im about to make a mudwing base
  10. here are some bases i made: sorry i couldnt crop this but its my fantribe... TvT
  11. quesion. are we allowed to add our own bases?? and heres glitchy boi [made with peregrincilla's alt hivewing base]:
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