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  1. There was really nothing left to do for the day. So, you had the chance to go to sleep.
  2. Levi was fast asleep. He probably just forgot to turn off the television. //I worked so hard to create this I swear- She replied seconds after. "Could you help me try to find out the suspects?"
  3. Xavier drove off once you had entered the house. The place was quiet, except for Levi's TV in his room. Your mother was asleep on the couch with her laptop open and a book laid upside down next to her, as to not loose the page she was on. Your not-so-close friend, Bella, texted. "Dude. Have you seen this post?!" , "*image*" , "Wtf is it supposed to even mean?" , "I've asked Hannah but she doesn't have a clue either." , "Justin thinks I'm overreacting." ,
  4. *not me taking a bunch of pics of my dog just because* 
  5. "Sorry it came out that way." He replied, pulling into the driveway of home a few seconds later. A few minutes later, you received a text notification, which went off for another 4-5 times before stopping.
  6. She looked at him. "Name's Ash." She replied. "I should get going. I've to hunt for my Tribe."
  7. "What? No." Xavier replied. //healthy? "Wanna order pizza?" She asked through the door.
  8. The house fell silent, all but the faint sound of the TV your father was watching, though he was probably out cold. There was a knock on your door and Ava spoke up. "Hey, Jordie. Are you hungry?" She asked.
  9. //I don't mind "Hm." Was her response. "I suppose I could let it slide, only for today."
  10. Soon later, the mess was cleaned up. You had nothing else to do at the moment, until dad gave you something to do.
  11. She puffed and sighed. She say down where she was. "And you don't want to leave because..?"
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