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  1. "Uhh.. I think.. both spots would be good spots for small groups..?" Jewel replied, not sure what to say
  2. The kit calmed down some. "Get the kits!" you heard a cat hiss from outside What was happening..? You saw your mother, and another cat, enter the den. Your mother picked you up and the other cat picked up the other kit, the cat and your mother frantically exited the den with you and the kit. You realized something was wrong, you breathed in something foul, you weren't sure what it was. A cat called for your mother. She gave you to another cat before going to the cat, the cat that you ere with now raced out of camp, arriving at a huge placed with hollowed out stone, and goin
  3. "It's okay, there's no need to be scared.." the cat said, "I'm Wasppaw!" he introduced himself
  4. There weren't many good places to hunt.. Just small clearing with no hiding spots, and a place with rocks, stones, and a waterfall.
  5. It was another kit, who was a pale crimson color. With another sound of thunder, the kit mewed, huddling closer
  6. If you follow the river, You can find your way back, Sometimes the river cuts of and you have to take a different path, But even then, you will still be able to find the river, And follow it home. - (I'll work on the plot some, I know it's not the best right now..) I got bored, and wanted to try and do something.. hopefully original, if this isn't OG, then idk. - Form- Name- Gender- Pronouns- Appearance- Other(Optional)- - ~{Have Fun!}~
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