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  1. You heard one of the she-cat's purr. "Shall we take her to Sorrel?" You heard Rida ask. "Of course," Emestro mewed.
  2. Cotton flicked her ears, still pouting. - "What cat?" Skykit mewed. The cat flicked their ears at you before standing.
  3. Willow opened her mouth to speak, but Orin spoke first. "I'm aware," He responded."It's for someone else.." "Who?" The tom asked. "And where?" The she-cat added. Then there was silence.
  4. It was just that one cat.... Unless.. There was one somewhere.. But you just hadn't noticed?
  5. "Well, Fallon is already with someone." The she-cat hissed. "I'm aware," Orin mewed. "You do know that Fallon hates you, right?" The other tom mewed.
  6. Maybe.. I haven't decided that part yet, but if the story ends up becoming boring on both sides, then yeah
  7. Moments later, the fourth cat, Rida, returned. She dropped a vole in front of you. "Here you are," She purred.
  8. Cotton gave one last, long mew before quieting. - The gray cat was sitting next to you, they're gaze fixed on you.
  9. "Mistykit," Dovepelt mewed, turning her attention back to you. "Have you seen any more of these.. Cats?"
  10. "Yes, I'm quite aware of where I'm supposed to be, Quill." You heard Orin mew. "Then why are you here?" The other tom asked. "Because I need to see Fallon," Orin answered.
  11. "Mist-gray cat?" Dovepelt mewed. "She's just hallucinating, right?" Pearlpaw asked. "I'm afraid not.." The medicine cat answered.
  12. Cotton mewed with each stroke. - Suddenly, you felt something next to you.
  13. The tom slipped through the hole, and disappeared from sight. You heard mewing from the other side. "What do you think you're doing?" You heard a muscular voice hiss. "Don't you know that Hunters stay on the outside of the wall?" A she-cat added.
  14. Dovepelt just sat down and waited patiently. "Yes, that's Mistykit," Pearlpaw mewed. "Alright then," The medicine cat mewed. "Mistykit, what exactly did you see?"
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