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  1. i won't lie, kinda questioning my sexuality tho-
  2. It was unfamiliar to you. I made the creature's steps loud.. It looked like the nest back at the marsh, except it was a lot bigger.. And lighter..
  3. You awoke of a sandy area. neither of your siblings were in sight. you had no idea where you had landed. your feathers felt heavy, tired from fighting for your life. the big ball of fire in the sky burned through your feather, onto the skin underneath. there were huge creates walking on two feet. one smaller than the other. the walked on a big tan-ish thing above you.
  4. You and your siblings almost made it to shore, where Mother Duck stood waiting, when a rush of water swept over you. The wind picked up and the river grew angrier. The cold water slashed you and your siblings, eventually carrying you away with it. You saw a glimpse of Mother Duck before you submerged into the cold waves.
  5. he nodded to you. "you may leave whenever. but I would suggest leaving before nightfall." with that, he padded off to the elder's den.
  6. imagine having to sit by your ex bf could never be me lmao
  7. your siblings both tried to copy Mother Duck's motions. One of them resurfaced with nothing, and the other resurfaced with a fish--which slipped out of his beak and splashed back into the river. Mother Duck quacked to get everybody's attention, as she was headed back to shore.
  8. "Oh?" He purred. "Well I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. Badgerfrost is a great mentor!"
  9. The three of you followed Mother Duck. Once out onto the water, you and your siblings hung out a little ways behind her. You waited as Mother Duck watched the water, diving at just the right moment and resurfacing with a medium-sized fish in-beak.
  10. Rabbitcloud, your adopted brother, sat next to you. His mother, Brightskies, had fostered you when your parents weren't around to take care of you. You knew they both were from the Clan, but you never heard what happened to them. "How's training?" He mewed
  11. You each had a small portion. Mother Duck wiggled her tail feathers and walked back toward the river. Your second-biggest sibling followed her, the smallest one trying to make their way out of the nest.
  12. Mother Duck walked on shore, dropping the fish to you and your siblings. You were able to catch it, just before it landed in the nest.
  13. He stopped to think. "Actually, yes. You, Frostheart, and Wrenpaw. Take a patrol through the territory for any signs of that dog." He mewed. "It would be a great help if Fidgetstar decides to chase it off."
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