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  1. (You start at 3 moons old) - @Pancrack Mother: Lucky- A golden-orange she-cat, blue eyes Father: King- A dark brownish tom, light green eyes Sibling(s)(If you want them): Hope- pure white she-cat, blue eyes. Milo- A golden-brown tom, yellow eyes. Falcon- A light brownish-dark gray she-cat, green eyes -Keep -Change @Spottedfire Mother: Fallenstorm- A light-dark gray she-cat, blind Father: ???- ???- ??? Sibling(s)(If you want them): Honestkit- a white-light gray she-cat, blue eyes. Mistkit- A misty-blueish-gray she-cat, blind. Owlkit- A ligh
  2. It came closer to you, landing on your nose and lightly flapping it's sapphire purple wings "Great! I'll go get some rest." She said, trotting off to the apprentice's den
  3. It was still a little dark, but you could see the sun peeking up from the horizon, every other cat was still in their dens, asleep. It seemed as if it were just you and the wind out here.. A little later, after looking around, you noticed a brightly colored butterfly close by
  4. She wasn't there.. Then what was the rustling sound? You heard another rustle not far off in a big thicket of flowers
  5. Duskkit sat down where you had found him A couple seconds later, you heard a rustle in a nearby thorn bush
  6. "That's good! Anyways, Robinpaw said that when he returns, him and I could help you with gathering herbs if you wanted! If.. that's okay with you?" she asked Nothing was there
  7. (It's fine, I have lots of time, as of rn) "Nooooo.." you could tell he was lying
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