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  1. 'Darkstar! Don't scare the poor kit!' you heard a she-cat 'Sorry..' a tom spoke now, but not sounding sincere
  2. "We can rest here for a while if you want!" Treekit said "Yay!" Nightkit bounded off, towards a small hole in the leaves and thorns, big enough for a kit your size
  3. One of the kits, probably the lead kit, stayed quiet, purring
  4. He led you to a small river, "This is one of the borders!" he told you
  5. "Who knows?" Blizzard joined in "Maybe.. here!" called a kit, looking under a rock "Silly Nightkit! He wouldn't fit under there!" Darkkit said "Maybe he's here?" a she-kit was checking in a hole in a tree "Maybe! Is he?" Nightkit asked "No.." the she-kit said, just then, you felt bundles of fur pounce on you from behind
  6. (np) It was dawn, What.. happened..? Whitestar was still asleep next to you
  7. Treekit was behind you, "Follow me!" Treekit told you before darting off into the undergrowth
  8. Blizzard giggled The kits were smiling "Where'd Cometpaw go?!" you heard Darkkit call playfully
  9. (Sure!) You saw many cats, fading with each bleeding out, a cat, standing over kit's bodies.. The End! - -Dream -Next day
  10. Treekit led the way out of the den, and to a small hole in the moss, and brackens, just big enough for a kit your size Rainflower walked away, probably bored "I know a way out of camp," Nightkit whispered to you
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