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  1. He sighed. "You go do whatever." He said. "Just don't cause anymore problems."
  2. "You.. Really need to learn what you should and shouldn't do.."
  3. "Don't ask questions." Ridge hissed. "Hasn't Rignstone taught you that?"
  4. "Murder, arson, kidnapping, child abuse, and so on." Tristan replied. "But don't try any of it. I don't have the kind of money to bail you out."
  5. "So I can keep an eye on you." He replied. "So you don't steal anything else, and risk being thrown into some sort of prison!"
  6. He rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just stick with me?" He said.
  7. "Quite simple, really." Ridge mewed. "I just need you to go get Duststorm for me."
  8. (I believe he said his name when they met Ren) "Go ahead," He replied. "Just don't end up stealing anything." He looked at Lizardcake.
  9. "For your first task." Ridge mewed. "If you succeed, you will earn a reward. If you fail, well.. Let's just say it won't be pretty."
  10. Wellllllll.... I created this awhile ago.. ..................... Why not? Spirit'Wish- White she-cat with blue eyes. Heather'Fall- Small, brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes. Petal'Eye- Cream she-cat with light green eyes. Petal-shaped pupil in her left eye. Bone'Stripe- Light gray tom with white stripes that looks like bones. Ice blue eyes. Tribe Cats' Names- Feather That Floats on Breeze(Feather)- Gray she-cat with green eyes. Bird That Soars in Sky(Bird)- Calico tom with green eyes. River That Flows in Silence(River)- Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes. Cattail That Sways in the Wind(Cattail)- Brown mackerel tabby she-cat with orange eyes. Dust That Sweeps Across the Floor(Dust)- Dark gray, ticked tabby tom with blue eyes. Ancient Cats' Names- Hawk Swoop- Brown tabby tom with green eyes. Falcon Cry- Pale brown tom with amber eyes. Silent Breeze- Silver she-cat with blue eyes. Quiet Night- Black she-cat with golden-yellow eyes.
  11. "You are young," The rouge leader mewed. "But you show promise. So, let's hope you won't end up like the rest.'
  12. Ridge was quiet, but he stared at you. His expression was unreadable.
  13. He rolled his eyes and went over. "You can't just take a pie and expect not to get surrounded." He looked to the baker. "I sincerely apologize for my.. Friend's.. Actions." He said.
  14. Tristan walked a different direction, but heard someone shout 'Thief' and looked in that direction.
  15. - Heat it up in microwave He set the timer for 1min. He went to check his phone while he waited.
  16. "You guys go ahead," He said. "I'm going to go explore."
  17. "Follow the hall to the right to get back to your.. Room." He instructed.
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