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  1. I've already tried before, nothing changes He got upset with me yesterday because I didn't know who was picking him up from our grandmother's place.
  2. "Right, well. I'm awake." He replied. "You may leave." His eyes flicked to the door behind you and back to you. //totally wasn't planned lmao
  3. @Artanskitty Sorry for the ping, and I don't mean to be rude but If you aren't or cannot be active in the sim/rp, then I will have to either replace or remove your character for another person to join or for me to play as. I really am not trying to be rude or mean in any way, but if you can't stick to the rp then your character will be removed because then it'll just be taking up space for if someone else wanted to join or it might take up too much time and the other players won't be able to resume their story soon. Please choose to either remove your character or to do the rp. Please and thank you. If I don't have a reply in the next 2 days, which will be September 15th EST, then I will automatically remove your character and replace it with either another player's if they want to join or I will create another cat. Thank you. You stalked toward the bird, soon, another scent intertwined with the bird scent. Sunnykit and two of the other kits crouched. the other two kits hesitated.
  4. The voice fell silent, and footsteps were heard minutes later. A light came on, and a tall male entered the room through a door opposite the entrance. You could assume him to be the Prince, from his formal appearance. He looked up from his downward gaze. "Can I help you?" He asked, his tone was calm, yet it sounded like a warning.
  5. "Sure!" He mewed happily. You lead the way out of camp and towards the border with ForestClan, Wrenpaw followed close behind.
  6. "The prince is currently changing." The voice explained. "He'll be out in a few moments. For now, make sure you don't. move."
  7. If you want to, and if you think they want or are going to continue with it
  8. Absolutely! Forgive any errors or mistakes I might make, currently sick but I will try my best not to make any mistakes
  9. Welcome back! I hope everything's going okay for you now, and if not then I hope things do get better for you :D.
  10. One of the kits turned to the silver tabby kit, "Sunnystar, What do we do now?" The silver tabby kit, supposedly Sunnystar, mewed, "We outnumber them, five to two. We fight with the spirits of StarClan!" The kit seemed to have a fighting and brave spirit. She would make a good warrior. Wrenpaw gave you a confused look, then thought for a second. "Uhm.. Hunting?" He offered.
  11. The wall only lead you for a short while before seemingly disappearing. You couldn't hear your footsteps any longer, but a faint voice spoke. "Who are you?" The voice demanding, sounding almost demonic and unliving.
  12. All you could see was pitch black. There was no light, despite the rising sun just outside. No sunshine leaked through a window, a ceiling light nor a lamp were on. It was just.. black..
  13. The excitement in Wrenpaw's eyes slowly faded. "Oh.." He glanced down, but the looked back up a second later, his eyes brightened. "I mean, yay!" "Don't celebrate just yet!" The other apprentice challenged, approaching. "For the almighty Rosethorn has joined this battle." Rosepaw(the apprentice) got into a playful crouch next to you, facing the kits, who all stopped mewing and turned, gasping.
  14. Fortunately, the door was unlocked. The knob turned slightly.
  15. Wrenpaw was padding up to you. "Halfmoon!" He mewed. "What are we gonna do until sundown?"
  16. There was no response. You didn't hear a thing inside the room.
  17. Darksplash nodded and slipped into the warriors den. "Halfmoon!" You heard a young voice call for you. "Halfmoon!!" The swarm of kits stopped and looked. "Sunnystar! We did it!" a golden tabby kit mewed cheerfully. "We defeated Halfclaw!" The silver tabby kit purred. "And now we will show our victory!" The five kits began to meow-- which only sounded like they were newborns mewing for their mothers-- and one of the other apprentices sat and watched in amusement.
  18. Just then, another kit pounced on you from behind. "You can never defeat all might SunnyClan!" The kit declared. "SunnyClan warriors! Attack!" The silver tabby kit demanded. Soon, almost all the kits swarmed you. Five kits to one apprentice.
  19. //Same tho Other demons gave you odd looks, and some even gave you a nice smile. Once up the second staircase, you noticed that the doors seemed to be miles apart. Unlike the last two floors, where the doors seemed to be practically right next to one another.
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