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  1. It came closer to you, landing on your nose and lightly flapping it's sapphire purple wings "Great! I'll go get some rest." She said, trotting off to the apprentice's den
  2. It was still a little dark, but you could see the sun peeking up from the horizon, every other cat was still in their dens, asleep. It seemed as if it were just you and the wind out here.. A little later, after looking around, you noticed a brightly colored butterfly close by
  3. She wasn't there.. Then what was the rustling sound? You heard another rustle not far off in a big thicket of flowers
  4. Duskkit sat down where you had found him A couple seconds later, you heard a rustle in a nearby thorn bush
  5. "That's good! Anyways, Robinpaw said that when he returns, him and I could help you with gathering herbs if you wanted! If.. that's okay with you?" she asked Nothing was there
  6. (It's fine, I have lots of time, as of rn) "Nooooo.." you could tell he was lying
  7. (It's okay!l 'Believe me. It's not. It's covered in disgusting scents, horrible sights, disturbing sounds. And that's just the least of it!' she sounded mad.. really mad.. you didn't think it could be a good sign..
  8. "T-that's okay.. I was asking too many personal questions.." she paused "I-I'm going to go ahead to camp.." she said to her father, before darting ahead
  9. IT DELETED THE ENTIRE- WJHRVBAER,VZDBSFUHAKEHDRJS @Impy10 The rain landing on your pelt woke you. You sat up only to have a small leaf-full of water splash the top of your head, the rain has been going on for a while now. You looked around to see the other apprentices asleep, all except for Clawpaw, who never really made eye contact with you, or anyone for that matter.. she never really slept either.. The distant thunder caught her attention, making her flinch. She looked at the entrance of the den, jumping every time it made a noise. Boulderpaw's eyes fell on you,
  10. "I'm great! You?" she sounded sincere Before you got a chance to answer, you notice Boulderpaw entering camp, and looking at Echopaw, muttering something. You saw a faint scratch on his cheek, some blood glittering in the morning light.
  11. She smiled at you, sitting down You noticed a couple scratches, probably from Boulderpaw. The two are sworn enemies. They're always fighting, and use the training grounds as an excuse to hurt each other, Boulderpaw always took it to far, they both end up calling each other names and Boulderpaw always says something offensive to Echopaw, but somehow she still keeps a smile that looks so real..
  12. You head out of the warm den and out into the cold, wet air. You reached the fresh kill pile when you heard Echopaw's voice, "Silentpaw! Hi!"
  13. Kk - The rain outside was soothing, but the distant sound of thunder disturbed you. You were never a big fan of thunder. But Eaglesong was always there to distract you from it, with teaching you about the different herbs and how to recognize them, but being somewhat skittish of whenever you accidentally trip on something, which wasn't very often. It's been almost 4 moons since you received your apprentice name as Silentpaw. Eaglesong is your mentor, you decided to take the noble path of a medicine cat and help your clanmates and any other cat in need. But something weird happene
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