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  1. The Glass In Animated Movies Looks Tasty.
  2. She Does Not Want People To Give In By Force, Though SomeTimes A Little Prodding Is Needed. The Evening Is Whatever She Pleases To Be. The Morning Is Cruel, It Tries To Overtake. The Evening Finds The Mortal's Cults Quite Funny, They Support Your Mint Mouse.
  3. It Is Very Hard To Wrong Her, She Tries To See The Good In Everybody You See.
  4. She Is Very Kind. Extremely Fond Of Lavender. The Creatures Telling You She Is Violent Toward Non-Believers Are Wrong. She Understands That Others May Not Understand, And Grants Them Safety Under Her Anyway. She Is Very Forgiving As Well.
  5. She Is A Being Of Peace, Of Care. She Watches Over All That Worship Her To Grant Them Peace. She Is Not Violent.
  6. You All Twist The Evening's Message.. Perhaps I Should Not Have Given Her Trust Out So Freely.
  7. A commercial on tv just played "It's Raining Tacos" I am uncontrollably sobbing, I can't believe this, I thought I had finally escaped
  8. The Evening Is Not A Violent Being Dear Kiwi Creature. You Have Confused It's Message.
  9. The Evening Will Always Be Here
  10. Do Not Speak Of The Morning. He Is Very Cruel. The Evening Is Very Kind, She Will Guide You Once You Accept Her AppleSauce.
  11. Give Into The Evening Applesauce, This Is The Way
  12. Of Course, This Is How It Must Be
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