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  1. Got it. I'll ask the user to edit their original comment.
  2. I'm not too sure. I've been experimenting a lot, and it'd be super weird to describe it. I can say I'm sorta going for a realistic or at least pseudo-realistic styel, though. As for your question of how i am, I'm fine, thank you Hopefully I don't come across as narcissistic for making 7 entire pages happen trying to figure out my identity.
  3. Hello friends. I would just liek to say, WOW
  4. The poltergeist watching everyone trying to figure out who they are
  5. I love answering questions, anyways. Feel free to ask as many as you'd like
  6. 1. No, sadly 2. Sure! 3. Depending on their reasons, I would either: A) Continue with my day or B) If it is on a social platform, go to the comments
  7. Alright smartie detectives, who do you think I am? ; )
  8. Could you write down all the names on the online list, and take a look at it again? You might be missing something...
  10. I have began existing on here. Hope you don't mind a bear pic : )
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