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  1. Having online friends is great but it also sucks because they might just log off one day and you'll never know what happened to them. Where did you go? Are you okay? Is there any other way for us to talk? *crickets*
  2. I wonder what happened to PinkythePinkSlimeYT Did their youtube career take off? Or did they move on to something else?
  3. They're an alternative type of wanderer that the devs accidentally left in the game. They use a discarded nicheling model and are befriended by spending time with them. The devs thought this was too complicated and changed it to just be giving berries. Some of my nichelings ate the dark berries and now they're poisoned??? The first nicheling who ate them was fine. Is this a bug or does the star in their genes make them immune or something???
  4. This actually seems really cool. Maybe leucism also?
  5. today at school we were painting on some large papers (i have no idea what they're for) and i hid a little ace flag next to a big rainbow flag someone had painted
  6. Hello Donner! I know you don't know me, but last night I had a dream that we went to the movies together and I was wondering if you'd like to do that irl 💖
  7. Oops, I seem to have broken a few rules. Correction: I have broken most of them
  8. It is a random mutation. The more babies you have, the more random mutations they have. The counter is reset every time you travel to a different island. I tried to get some acorns and now my nicheling can't move???
  9. Can I have a mate? Preferably a fellow leafwing.
  10. Your worst nightmare also I used to live under your house
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