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  1. like i said in the post give me a break i was tired
  2. oh my brain is already self-dead enough also hey wheres the actual rp part
  3. oki, I agree, this wouldn't really work with gameplay. and i dont want it added to the game so yeah and its just for roleplay also yeah not really genetic 😕 also lilytuft its for spreading awareness and support TY 2 all! sorry 4 da long response and tell me if any others should be added
  4. I decided to put this in education because... well... I think it's educating you about: 1,LTBTQ+ and 2,how to make certain nichelings give me a break pls I'm new anyway here's the video sorry there's no sound go ahead and screenshot them https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j8JD_7qornO7HkinVVnq-Vz3BWMLdNZA/view and here's some knowledge: Gay:attracted to same gender (typically for male) Lesbian:attracted to same gender (female) Pan:attracted to all genders (yes there's more than 2) Bi:attracted to both male and female Asexual:attracted to nobody or not sexually attracted to anybody Heterosexual:mainly straight, sometimes attracted to other genders, very rarely tho Agender:no gender Genderqueer:anything other than a very straight-forwardly cis-gender person Queer:anything other than a very straight-forwardly cis-gender and straight person Questioning:questioning if queer
  5. also she can see the future like Clearsight.
  6. Hello. I am new to these forums. I love Niche and Wings Of Fire. I also love Among Us. Ty for listening! Hope 2 make new friends!
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