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  1. My favorite nicheling of all time. Alimupri
  2. Well for diff games it depends but the main ones are. Ooki, Lord of reaper magic and the underworld. Also the deity of creation. Talurfa. Deity of Water magic and mover of storms. Most commonly associated with blue eyed nichelings. Anaraya. Shattered goddess of Fertility. She was the strongest in the pantheon before their civil war. And lastly Kiua. Goddess of Protection. There are alot more but these are the leading 4
  3. Poor Applestar losing her mate before Blossomkit was born
  4. Yes we do. I really miss her and hope she is ok
  5. I hope she is ok, it has been a long time
  6. I used to love her videos but 2 years ago she dropped off the face of the earth and Idk why. She used to be my favorite niche youtuber beside Seri.
  7. Thanks Modths I was a little confused but thank you for clarifying!
  8. This is great! Does this mean the debating to continue niche has started? Im sorry for asking a question already asked so much
  9. Oh my dear gosh this sounds like I would cry while doing it I-
  10. Thanks! I love this challenge and it is really fun! I think it would be fun to see these settings in a warrior cats setting!
  11. Omg please I now feel so bad for Turtlemist. Dang it Chiyanna your making me go through a rollercoaster 😧
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