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  1. I think I've found a way to buffer the shock from recoiling to avoid self-destruction, by connect the second, third or higher sub-connector from the core. If lower, e.g. first connector, self-destruction never stops. (As the pic., connection arms don't need to be that long.) Pic. 1. Connecting example(Up) Pic. 2. Shooting animation(Up) Pic. 3. Recoil value. (when shotgun arrived at this value, self-destruction would happen.)(Up) All Pics are for demo for buffer recoil method. Not the most efficient status to buffer recoil. You can reduce many blocks a
  2. In order to reduce "bug report dupe", I commented on here...But I really wish those developers fix this bug as quickly as they can.😐
  3. Oh, gosh, it's here. High recoil value problem... I thought it's a feature. But according to lack of "recoil buffering" information(like YouTube video or forums) and "bug reported only feature", it's like it actually is a BUG... And I found out that there's not any connection between "shootforce" or "damage", and "recoil"... Wat da hek??? So it's like you have high recoil value, but shooting like "penis jerking"...(Lmfao!)
  4. OK, thanks for replying. I'll have a try. I modified it by improper tool called "Cheat Engine". And the Tutorial system is connected with "resource amount"...I see.
  5. @PhiloOK, I could still wait. But for 1 week before one reply from your developer. If there isn't any answer about your debugging progress or whatsoever, then I'll constantly ask for refund day and night, all the time until I get my money back. I can't play anything, any mission because of this "endless tutorial". Although however many times I tried from the start of this game, this bug NEVER stop.
  6. Hello?? One month passed...
  7. Edited at Nov. 12th 17:57. Because of me ignoring "post after reading", I corrected some uploaded file.
  8. Software Name: Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor Software Version: 1.1.3 Computer OS: Windows 10 Home 1909 Save file content: Captain: Pilot Mode: Survival Difficulty: Normal Save file and "debug log" attached below Problem detail: I've been searching on this "strayfawnstudio.com" and "Google search engine", but haven't found the issue exactly the same as mine. So I posted it. I haven't chosen "Tutorial" from the start of game. But after I finishing one whole galaxy mission(not the whole universe) and entering the Wormhole, bug like "endle
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