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  1. Two possibly controversial suggestions. Mostly because of non-trivial implementation requirements but maybe there are also some balancing issues I'm not aware of that stand in the way. With container avoidance maneuver and under normal gravity it takes drone more than 30 seconds to land and start mission completion procedures. Once landing logic and equipment is done we are left with watching those 30 seconds or more of 'cut scene' for every change we make. "Death by thousand cuts" wouldn't be such a bad description although I'm told original loses some of its richness in translation. As
  2. I'll just continue this thread; imho keeps things easier to ignore 😁 This one is about something I call "Stuck on pebbles". It is fairly common problem plaguing games almost since Pong. Consider attached image. It's been mangled heavily but Steam creates jpegs so I had to start with fuzziness. Shows a Factory built detached probe designed to go around in constricting spiral (best 'blind hen' I've come up thus far) and hopefully stumble upon a resource pile. Look at objects outlined orange and lime. They are what one might call regular shape objects aka rectangular. In between is pink
  3. for a girl to cultivate within herself invincible summer days. Bit of a long one, I'm afraid. Parts probably belong somewhere else but you'll live. This all concerns fully auto mode as that's the only part of the game I'm interested in. How does one find resources in fully autonomous mode? Short of some sort of 'blind hen' logic the size of quarter of a planet. What's the reason for enormous container floating just out of reach of ground contraptions and smack bellow mothership? We need to include logic for landing procedure to avoid it, anything that wants to deposit needs th
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