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  1. My boi Mancinella ( his is nickname Ella) , the transgender goofball OC i made with the intent of a killer, got a mushy banana instead
  2. i realize i have more OCs than most of you, my high is 21 at least, so far
  3. this is noodle, and i have preset dragons if you want one, the names for the presets are: Mint, Hailo, Moss, Frost, Shear, and Berry. (Hailo and Shear have wings)
  4. Tribe:PastaWings Home: The Bowl, a large cavern with boiling water filled to the brim, under the ground, near the core of the planet. Abilities: they can tolerate extreme temperatures , breath water, fit into small holes, and eat literally anything. Looks: long skinny bodies with no spines along the back, or webs, younger ones are the size of a house cat and the oldest ones are the size of an average pony, the scales on their bodies are smooth and are usually pastel colors, and only one color per dragon, ranging in all sorts of patterns, at the age of 25 years they are set into
  5. real quick, i gots myself a fantribe, can i post it here? i got le templates too
  6. this is Vesuvius, my stuttering, nervous, firescales dragon. he is very polite and loves his job as a lamplighter, and he thinks ha can be dangerous and scary someday, if he ever lives up to his name.
  7. this is Skua, he is my child, he is a gay boi and loves fish. Skua is part rainwing-and night-sea.
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